The first experience on a canal boat

I thought I had been on boats for about 5 years.  Not so, I discovered our first trip, detailed below, was in October 2007.

This page will be added to as time permits, so here goes.

The first boat, a yellow peril called Sven.
Aweful layout, but being our first trip, we knew little better.  The number of times I hit my head on the back door frame, well. Having a cruiser stern was a deliberate choice when considering the age of my girls, we need to be able to keep an eye on them and enjoy the holiday, difficult as you will imagine.

Anyhow, we picked the boat up in Worcester (I think) and then headed to the River Severn via Diglis Basin.
First boating experience and here we are navigating a tidal river, very frightening.

We headed up the Severn to Bevere lock where we moored overnight and had a delay till 11 am next morning before we could continue - too much mist.

Lockeeper very nice and apologetic we said no worries and thanks.  He obviously like the pleasantry and had phoned ahead to ensure an easy passage passed the next two locks.  being in the yellow peri did make it easier for his colleagues to spot us!

We got to Stourport and had lunch in the pub next to the wide beam lock which gave passage to the basin.

Here are a few photos of the holiday.

So, what did we learn?  Slower =better.
Do not set a target locationor distance.
When you get to 3 pm, start looking for a mooring.
Experienced boaters can be fools too.
Talk to people!
Leave the boat as you collected it.
Don't buy till the sums are done.
Enjoy the experience and chill, its all about relaxation without competition

this is test data please ignore