Sunday, 19 February 2017

Weekend on NB Lola

So,  children are both away, Sarah at a school exchange in Germany and Johanna at university.

What shall we do?  The boat of course.  Just a short visit with Lola dog, one night, but nonetheless great.

Arrived about mid day Saturday and we decided to get onto the cut.  Not far, just to Handsacre but it was lovely to be out on the water again.  The weather was fine and photos non existent.  I was so enjoying myself I forgot to take pictures!

We winded at Handsacre and then reversed, not helped by the boat moored almost on the winding hole.  Not to far, just a couple hundred yards.  We moored up then did a few extra checks given we had not been on her since last year.  Some rainwater under the engine but I will sort that next time.  The stern gland bilge was dry, excellent news since before the packing was replaced, only the second such time in 7 years, it was a bit puddly ( constant drips to you).  We walked the dog and noticed that the toepath hedging had been cut well back, a good job.

After dog walk I visited the Crown Inn for two pints of Bass, a nice treat and whilst under new management, the beer was in good order.  Some changes had been made and the right hand side of he bar is now a dining area.

Off to Michaels fish bar for some cod and chips.  The cod had been on a diet and was a bit thin but we still enjoyed it.

I am considering retiring early so I did wonder if I could boat single handed.  I decided yes but more thought was needed re safety etc.  We motored back Sunday and did a bit of cleaning before heading home. I used to use the blogger app but it's no longer supported by iOS, shame on them.