Sunday, 14 August 2016

Replacement toilet tank etc

So, the saga continues.  We have agreed to the work being done.  I will report the results when the work is finished.

The work.  So, we need a replacement tank.  This time it will be stainless steel.  The pipes will be, I believe, ABS kit.  A better tank fill indicator will also be fitted.  I expect the job to be done early September.  Not been on boat since then but will be popping up for a few days each week for the next couple of months, just need to keep the odorloss topped up.

I will try to take some before shots but only if I care to remember.

Two more jobs on the line, an engine service and deep clean and a refreshed stern gland packing.

Don't buy a boat if you cannot keep it maintained say I

The cratch cover looks nice.  Fitted a few weeks ago

Gives us the extra room we need and helps with seating options.  Will be interesting getting used to it.

And before