Sunday, 3 July 2016

Oh, the smell!

Well now, not been blogging lately and the title gives a clue why.

We had a plastic waste tank fitted a while back and, keeping it simple. The top tank seal partly failed. This occurred for three reasons:

The tank seal was poor
The tank fill indicator failed
The vent pipe into the tank was poorly fitted, leaving a small u bend into which rain water, having entered the vent on the roof, stuck in the u bend stopping venting.

Trying to now get quotes to fix.  We have decided to get a stainless steel tank, a better fit and a carbon filter.  Problem is finding a fitter.  We have asked for quotes but no replies have been forthcoming, so far.  Whilst we can boat, the smell is wiffy.  Next week I am going to apply a temp fix, using sealant, lots of it, and ensure the u bend is clear.

Anyone in the Kings Bromley area wants to quote, please do!