Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Yes, we are still here


Yes we are still boating.  Just taken a wee rest from blogging for reasons I cannot go in to.

Lola boat looks lovely in her livery and we have lots of plans for further improvement.  We are changing access so we can enter from the back hatch, previously it was just for use whilst steering.  Our dry side bilges were going to get sensors but not now, they are wholly dry and have been for a while.  We are adding a further from outside lock and also having a cratch built ready for a front cratch cover.  We will also get a rear Priam and cover.  Finally, we will have the kitchen doors and tops re-fitted as well as a new cooker.

Then, when that little lot is done we want to re model the back cabin, that's the problem with having money and no time off.

Daughter no 1 is enjoying uni and no 2 is enjoying personal attention!  I just pay the bills.

University costs a packet.  £450 a month allowance 500 a quarter towards rent, and next year we add gas electricity, water rates and cleaning product I laugh.  Our earnings do not get daughter no 1 more than the minimum grant so we cover the rest.

So, we still get to the boat, the remote heating control via the iPhone is really useful and we can protect against frost or pre heat ready for us boarding.