Sunday, 6 September 2015

Short catch up

Not much boating lately due to work.  However, yesterday we decided to start repairing the hopper window seals.  We removed the opener windows and cut off all of the base liner.  We then cleaned and replaced them as well as re-fitting all of the Curtains following a home wash.  Sadly, the hair draught excluder stuff we got was wrong so I checked midland swindlers and they have some.  A trip there in a few weeks.  A few weeks is because we have a busy September.

Next weekend we leave older daughter with younger, accompanied by friends, and hop over to Barcelona for a 23rd wedding anniversary, staying on H1898, just off La Rambla.  We get back following Monday, Tuesday I head off to Bristol, returning the next day.  Saturday it's back to Bristol but this time it's to take Johanna to university.  She has a place at University of Bristol to read Law.  So I stay in Bristol as Mrs D heads back home with daughter number 2 on Sunday.  I am then working in Bristol Monday through Wednesday.  After that it's back to Nottingham and hopefully a boating weekend to finish the windows.

Might get some time off over October half term and either nip off to Spain, or find some October sun somewhere or even do some boating which seems the most likely.

An exiting and busy month as I was in Bristol the whole of last week, barring the bank holiday Monday.