Monday, 27 July 2015

Fazeley to Aston, Birmingham

So, today's run went a tad longer than anticipated.  We left Fazeley at 9:00 am and went to fill up with water at the CRT offices as well as divesting ourselves of some rubbish.  Not a bad run to Curdworth apart from a numpty who was trying to set locks too far in advance as well as being unable to work out left from right.  His crew decided to assist and wanted to use their pole on my nice new paintwork.  Politely, I suggested that handing the boat off was better and went onto demonstrate how easy it could be.  Curdworth was a bit dark in the cutting so we decided to motor onto Cuckoo Wharf.  Big mistake,  the wharf was full of long term boats and work boats, no room for leisure craft.  Anyways, we moved to Aston which is cool.

Piccies will be added later as I forgot to bring my sd card to iPhone connector, so here is a couple of where we are now from the iPad.  Might buy one in Brum along with some new walkie talkies, chairs, disposable bbq etc.