Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Painting progress

popped up for a fix, update.

Bow doors coming along, soon the rest of the bow will be sorted

Gloss laying down, few more coats yet

Sten coming along too

So, all in all, good progress, still ten days work left as we are replacing the seating area in the bow.

Missing boating hugely which confirms my passion.

Next week I am off the Bristol then Detroit then Iowa City - all work and no play as I will be back six days after taking off, not fun but then Iowa City is not exactly a hot place for holidays, believe me!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

More paint progress

Popped to the boat and more undercoat going on


Port bow


She looks better even now!

Still the roof to undercoat, bow doors and other bits.  The wind is causing havoc but no gloss until it is settled.  Gloss will be done first thing in the morning if it's too hot during the day.  Rubbing strake to gunwhale will be blacked to make touching up easier.   I could have easily taken her out for some chill time but I need to be patient.