Sunday, 21 December 2014

A few non-Boaty Jobs

Mrs D has been complaining about her brakes for a wee while.  So, I decided to take a look and found that both pads and discs were worn out.  The car had done 65,000 miles on the same set of pads so it was time.  Wheel off, spring off, pads screws removed, pads removed, disc assembly removed, disc off.  No problem.  Off to the auto motive factors for new discs and pads, I had disc cleaners and grease already but I did need a box of gloves.  New Ferodo bits and back to the car.  First set on, no bother.  Second set was a bit more trying, the bolt nuts were shot so the 13 mil did not work.  instead I got the half inch hex and hammered it on.  Worked a treat off an on.  Then it was time to put the pad retaining spring back on.  What a pain, these things either slip right on or are buggers.  I got a bugger.  30 minutes later, it was on.  The other wheel took 10 seconds.  Job done, quick test drive with gentle braking and the pads and discs were bedding lovely, no squeaks or brake squealing.  I had done the discs and pads on the bigger car a month earlier so I am ok with the job.  Much more in terms of mechanical engineering and I rely on others to assist but I do like a bit of maintenance.  shame on me re the boat, I always have someone do it for me.

Next boaty outing will be a short trip on Tuesday to give the engine an hour of activity.  no boating planned until Easter I think when we might take her out for the holidays.  I may have to move the boat towards Bristol in the new year to assist with my job which is split across a number of differing sites, Bristol being HQ for us.  If I do it might be Hilperton marina subject to vacancies.

No piccies today