Sunday, 16 November 2014

Boat jobs

The list of jobs is on the rise.  So far:-

Finish the lighting - 2 spots to fit
Re fit the skin tank to engine connection - it leaks
Add a GSM unit to the webasto and remove the 7 day timer.  Latter not needed.
Price up a new Morso and double sleeve flue
Engine and gearbox service
Colour design for the boat repaint in May next year
Blacking in June next year - 3 coats

Most jobs will be done in January when Geoff gets back except the skin tank which I hope will be done next week.

Apart from that, life is cool at the moment.  Work has settled so I now have time to live again - for now. It's a cyclical thing so I will enjoy this while I can.
No boating for the next couple of weeks as jobs on the house required and parties to attend.

We are foodies and have visited a number of gastro places, the most recent being the Blue Bicycle in York, excellent reputation but we were a bit disappointed, main course was not good.  Still, onto Table 8 in Beeston Notts next week.  We have been to the location a few times before as the place has changed ownership on a number of occasions.  We do go to the Farmers Boy in Shepley quite often, very nice food.

Just bought a Nisbet knife for the kitchen, wow sharp or

Rambling on but these are my musings, not just boats.

Went for a walk from Cranfleet lock to some ways along the Erewash, very calm day and the flood lock was on just up from Cranfleet meaning you cannot get from the soar/ trent to the beeston cut.  First time I have ever seen this but I guess it's because we are usually trapped further on up. Not much moving whilst we dog walked.  Lola dog did insist on rolling in some crap, I think fox crap, what a smell!
And a picture to finish