Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bathroom complete and photos

So, here we are in Rugeley, in the rain.  Their is a village/town fete or whatever today and we have heard various bands marching etc.  Rain is truly biblical so being on a boat is good!

Trip up from Kings Bromley commenced with a first time engine start, yippee, the air lock is sorted, I hope.

A few boats have passed us.  Helpfully, most are on tick over.

The bathroom is ideal and actually provides more room because the bulkhead facing the passageway has gone

Now you may think so what?  The previous toilet was a drop through pump out and was so high that our legs dangled as we sat, not comfortable.  The shower was smaller on the inside than it 
looked on the outside "sidrat" - work it out, the word is an opposite experience!

We are very pleased with the job and having a macerator with a full indicator helps also.  We are using the toilet with Eco flush mode.  As I type the sun has appeared, time to achieve my Saturday  no rules day, I am being very careful what I drink and eat during the week.  So it's off te the pub wiv me ipad.