Sunday, 11 May 2014

New bathroom

We have now decided to refit the bathroom, or more accurately, have Geoff Taylor refit it for us.  Geoff has done a good deal of work for us and we are very pleased with the quality of his work.  As readers will know I will only recommend a fitter/engineer if we have a good track record of work done for us.  Geoff I recommend.  You can contact him on 07900 662810, mention how you got his number.

The bathroom will be walk through, have a much longer shower, new macerator loo, with the tank moving under the bed.  A new sink sitting on top of a cupboard unit.  Not taking a before picture but I will take an after one.  We are also moving the pump out fitting to the boat ceiling.  It sits on the side of the boat at present because we have narrow gunwhales.  It's a mare to remove as there is every chance we will drop it into the canal one day.  At the same time we are making minor modifications to the bedroom to make more room.  Hopefully this will be done in time for half term but there is a lot to do so we might have to make alternative holiday arrangements.

That's it for now.