Thursday, 29 May 2014

A trip to London, for fun this time, not business

I took myself, Mrs D and Sarah to London for the day.  not cheap even with a Rail Card.  It cost £190 for train tickets from East Midlands parkway to St.Pancras, did not even include Zone 1/2.

Anyway, moaning aside. Whilst it was a drizzly day, it was ok. First job was to tube it to Russell Square where we exited and headed for the British Museum, mainly for Sarah's benefit, but I enjoy it there too.

We then walked to Buckingham Palace via Lunch off the Strand, the lunch was forgettable.

Guard Changing at Horseguards

and a quick pint in the Chandos

This photo is the roof of the Chandos

We headed back towards Oxford Street so Sarah could buy a prom dress. Then a walk back to Russell Square where we popped into a pub (The Friend at Hand) near the tube station to lose some time as our train was two hours away.  Nice pub and the beer was very well kept compared to the Phoenix Pub behind Debenhams on Oxford Street where the London Pride was awful.  Check out the two beer shots and decide for yourself

Back to Boaty things.  We hope to be back on NB Lola this weekend to check out the changes to the bathroom.  I am secretly glad we did not boat this week, the weather is horrible.  Whilst it does not bother me too much, Kath and Sarah would not have enjoyed it. Johanna only does rowing now.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bits n bobs

So today was odd.

I got up at 7 am and drove Johanna to Holme Pierpoint for a rowing competition.  I then went to Kelly's near QMC for breakfast, lovely!

Next was tidying up the garden and mowing the lawn.  Then I helped Sarah make some cookies.  Then I decided to continue to paint the boat hook and pole, looking good!

Back to rowing

Not a great result but that's life.

We then went to Savai in Nottingham for dinner.  As usual, nice but a bit light.

Boat still being refitted.  We hope to be back on next weekend

Sunday, 11 May 2014

New bathroom

We have now decided to refit the bathroom, or more accurately, have Geoff Taylor refit it for us.  Geoff has done a good deal of work for us and we are very pleased with the quality of his work.  As readers will know I will only recommend a fitter/engineer if we have a good track record of work done for us.  Geoff I recommend.  You can contact him on 07900 662810, mention how you got his number.

The bathroom will be walk through, have a much longer shower, new macerator loo, with the tank moving under the bed.  A new sink sitting on top of a cupboard unit.  Not taking a before picture but I will take an after one.  We are also moving the pump out fitting to the boat ceiling.  It sits on the side of the boat at present because we have narrow gunwhales.  It's a mare to remove as there is every chance we will drop it into the canal one day.  At the same time we are making minor modifications to the bedroom to make more room.  Hopefully this will be done in time for half term but there is a lot to do so we might have to make alternative holiday arrangements.

That's it for now.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Weekend away

A tad annoyed.  I had been keeping a record on blogger, in draft form, so when I came to publish it was all there.  Blogger failed me, I accept no responsibility for my own ineptitude!

So starting all again, we left Kings Bromley at 10 am ish and had a relatively quiet trip to Hopwas except for a problem starting which I can now put down to a bit of air in the fuel line, why? I have no idea.

What is useful to boaters is I now have a battery monitor which displays, amongst other things, SOC or state of charge.  Terrific, I can now tell how well the batteries are doing and not panic too much.  this is particularly important as it provide indication as to when I need to either use the generator or charge the batteries. I did take a picture of it but it has disappeared.  So here is a picture of one from the t'internet

Victron Precision Battery Monitor BMV-600S Does the job and makes life less stressful.

We arrived at Hopwas in time to select a nice mooring, not too near, or too far from the  Tame Otter.  I duly booked a table on the internet and we got ready to go.  Arrived at said pub to no knowledge of our booking.  My emailed confirmation and text message successfully argues to the contrary and they tried to fit us into a cupboard which even Mrs D had to decline as the bottom of the table was resting on our legs.  So we were given another, better table. Food was OK but not worth the price, might check out the Red Lion again next time.

A few pictures we took along the way via the I pad and I phone, I forgot my good camera.  Oh and a return hello to blog reader Aqua Roma whom we passed just after Hopwas.

We found a nice winding hole where we were not expecting on, near Bonehill Road Bridge.  This allowed us to start our return a bit earlier than expected which served us well as we inched into a mooring spot near the Mucky duck (The Swan at Fradley).  We popped over of a pint of four of cider, very nice afternoon.

Returned to Kings Bromley this morning after three lovely sunny days.