Monday, 21 April 2014

A few jobs....

Means more money!

We have our BSS due soon so I have as our local engineer/chippy/sparky etc to make sure she makes it first time.  Not much to do, new fire extinguishers, chaining down the gas bottles and that's about it we reckon.

I have also decided to have LED lights fitting, replacing all existing bulbs.  I am also getting an ah reader so I can see the battery state of discharge.  I decided against Sterling stuff and will keep it simple.

Even bigger news, we have decided to refit the bathroom, potentially including the removal of the dump through and instead fitting a macerator with the tank under the bath.  This helps big time in that the loo seat is way too high, leading us to put a booster stool in the bathroom.  As part of this we will now have a walk through bathroom, subject to planning that is.

Some tweaks to the fuel line will also bring us back to a better engine start state which suffered since the webasto was fitted.

I have been painting the boat pole at home, looking bright!

Next will be the boat hook, which I left on the boat by accident.  I also need to paint the plank but that's for another day as I want to get more ambitious in terms of design, after all, it's never been used in anger - famous last words.

I am using the iPad to create my stories, I do not like it as the screen rendering for blogger is appalling, wonder what I should use instead?