Monday, 21 April 2014

A few jobs....

Means more money!

We have our BSS due soon so I have as our local engineer/chippy/sparky etc to make sure she makes it first time.  Not much to do, new fire extinguishers, chaining down the gas bottles and that's about it we reckon.

I have also decided to have LED lights fitting, replacing all existing bulbs.  I am also getting an ah reader so I can see the battery state of discharge.  I decided against Sterling stuff and will keep it simple.

Even bigger news, we have decided to refit the bathroom, potentially including the removal of the dump through and instead fitting a macerator with the tank under the bath.  This helps big time in that the loo seat is way too high, leading us to put a booster stool in the bathroom.  As part of this we will now have a walk through bathroom, subject to planning that is.

Some tweaks to the fuel line will also bring us back to a better engine start state which suffered since the webasto was fitted.

I have been painting the boat pole at home, looking bright!

Next will be the boat hook, which I left on the boat by accident.  I also need to paint the plank but that's for another day as I want to get more ambitious in terms of design, after all, it's never been used in anger - famous last words.

I am using the iPad to create my stories, I do not like it as the screen rendering for blogger is appalling, wonder what I should use instead?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Willington to Kings Bromley

Not a lot to say really.  I am now using my iPhone to blog this because I am heading off to Bristol for work.

Willington was awful, not anything already described.  We were moored near the railway line.  Oh my god the noise!  Right through the night, freight and also a steam engine.  Such is life and lesson learned.  A weekday night is not good.

On leaving Willington we had a quiet run to Dallow lane lock.  This is the first single lock going west and it's an easy one.  I always feel for the novice hirers coming out of Sawley as the doubles are often trouble.  Coming west from Willington is a doddle by comparison.

We potted along past Burton and towards Branston.  An easy journey as I think we had missed most of the weekend hirers going out.  We arrived in Alrewas in good time to make the excellent butchers, enjoying a superb sirloin for dinner.  Next morning was relaxed and we cast off at about 9:30 am.  All the locks at Fradley were manned by volunteers.  I salute them, they did a great job and understand the lock filling issues much better now, not opening the paddles at full blast. Made it to Kings at about 2 pm. 

All in all, an enjoyable few days, messed up by having to go to Bristol today.  I am counting my days till retirement far too early, with 11 years to go I need a lottery win or some well inclined person to fund me, are you out there? Probably not.

Anyway, our next big adventure is not travelling.  We have decided to invest more in this steel tube and re-fit the bathroom, making it walk through with privacy doors.  This will increase the shower space to something less claustrophobic I hope.  We are also looking at removing the dump through and going for a macerator.  Sorry Elsan lovers, I am not converted.

We will fill as many weekends as we can dipping past Fradley for our weekend retreat in Alrewas.  Our summer holiday is in planning and is complicated by me benig so busy at work.  I should not complain but trying to string a week away, let alone two, is a major feat, or will be if it is achieved.  I just realised I spell in my head when using the I before e words, how odd!

Using the train wifi is really useful to wile the hours away writing gibberish.

Easter weekend is at home, painting the boat plank and poles and trying, unsuccessfully me thinks, to clean the centre line rope.  I feel a trip to Beeston marina chandlers coming on for some new rope.

My biggest lesson learned for this trip is to take the big camera, I missed some super shots.  I use a canon camera with a variety of lenses, including a very useful telephoto.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Erewash to Willington

Well,   Another good job by Paul Barber
Strange seeing the boat out of the water

The anodes look fine too

At the same time as blacking he had the stern 
bands done too.

The prop , all seems ok

The  uxter looking fine to

So, I  needed to transfer photos from phone to iPad to blogger, google drive did the trick

Bridge 18 just before the horror lock according to Mrs D, Stensons

Just a lovely day

LMD in her favourite place


So we got to Willington about 5:30 pm and not many moorings left do we had to stick pins in.

We want to the Dragon for food.  Main course was lovely, dessert still AWOL 25 mins later, lots of rubbish excuses like it was the computer and we are very busy.  I can help them a little with very busy by not eating there for a while.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Readying for the run back to Kings Bromley

Ok, so today has been chainsaw day and I have cut up some lovely cherry and yew.

Not sure if we will need so much but will leave on the boat anyway.



Lola dog is joining us when we leave tomorrow which is great because she does love getting out

Blacking is all done, and we have also painted the stern bands.  I am hoping to get to Paul Barbers workshop before he slips the boat so I can take some pictures with the good camera.

Kathryn is making up some new curtains for the back of the boat.  Water marks have made the current ones look awful.  I have decided not to repaint the boat, instead, we will touch up as we go, gradually painting it ourselves rather than paying for it to be done.  Payback for the painting course led by Phil Speight a couple of years back.  No welding was needed to the boat, Paul remarked that the treatment we gave the welds was spot on.

First job when back in the water is a pump out at Sawley.  The Odorless treatment we use has died, the enzymes that is, so we need to empty the tank and re treat.  Such wonderful news I hear you say!

Just remembered, on our way down towards the Clock Warehouse we teamed up with NB Marpessa. They have a blog which I have now linked to.

So the journey is from the Erewash on Monday to, we think, Willington for an overnighter. From there we will go to Alrewas and on Wednesday we will complete the trip.

I expect it will be busy but so what, we have until Wednesday.  Sadly, we have only till Wednesday as I have a business trip to Bristol Thursday, leaving on the 06:43 and Kath needs to get back to the lab and split some cells.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sawley to Sawley to Wyvern

Well, we got caught out with the unpredictable upper Trent.

It rained for only about 40 mins on Monday.  By Tuesday am Sawley lock was closed and the stream was very fast.  The rain had crossed the country resulting in the Trent getting it good along its whole route.  We escaped today at 09:30 hours when navigation re-opened and the journey to the Erewash was very quick due to the stream.  The turn to the Erewash was not too challenging.  I passed the entrance -almost and then turned toward the Erewash and up stream.  Did the trick and hey presto we were in.

Boat now getting blacked and will be ready next Monday.  Paul Barber knows his stuff and leaves each coat 2 days to go off.  Good for him.

Perhaps more time for piccies on the way back when I will carry the main camera.  The return starts next Monday, finishing on Wednesday.  I expect we will stop at Willington and then Alrewas.

If the weather is good I might provide more copious notes of the journey and it's locks to go with the piccies.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kings Bromley to wyvern marina on the Erewash

So, we left Kings Bromley yesterday, Saturday 5th April.  Crewing were myself and frien Angus.  The job is to get her to the Erewash for her blacking a a wee bit of minor welding.

We had expected poor weather but have been very lucky.  A little rain yesterday was all we got.

Last night we stayed in Willington and headed to the Rising Sun for a beer, heading for the Dragon for dinner.  On arrival at the Dragon we learn its full and the restaurant "greeter" was appalling in her manner so leaving was no loss.  Back to the Rising Sun and we discover they do Thai food.  I tell you not, it was delicious, so thank you to the stroppy greeter we have found a gold mine.  Would I go back to the Dragon?  No chance except for beer.  

We set off this morning at 8 am and made Sawley flood lock by 13:45, a very good trip, Stensons lock was the same, horrible.

I just tried the Ross satellite system, a royal pain so I am going to buy a proper job and have it fitted.  You get what you pay for so I am investing in an auto tuning jobby.

A few piccies of Sawley

A bit grey but surprisingly warm.  On the generator at present and all is well.

More tomorrow, if time permits.