Sunday, 9 March 2014


I popped over to Spain on 1st March for a week to see relatives.

I travelled with Monarch and I was, once again, impressed with their service.

East Midlands Airport is still undergoing renovations, never seems stop truth be told.

Security was quite tight, and re-assuring.  Checks were very thorough.

I hade mistakenly booked seat 1D, forgetting it was the forward bulk head in front.  Thankfully it was aisle side so I could still stretch my legs.

Landed on time and headed to car hire.  I had pre-booked with Avis so no probs expected.  Going down to car hire I did notice that Gold Car rental was popular, too popular as the queue was huge.

I was second in line at Avis but still waited about 15 mins as they are always very keen to try and sell the extra insurance they do not tell you about when booking.  It is usually another £150 to cover excess charges which can add up to about 600 euro.  I tend not to take it, accepting the risk.

The journey to Estepona was different thus time as Tom tom went mad and started trying to navigate me off the motorway and onto side road.  After a small diversion I got to my destination.  A few beers and tapas and I was already relaxing.  The weather was a little rainy but soon cleared up for Sunday with the temperature a comfortable 21c and rising.

Sunday was lunch at a favourite Chinese restaurant in the port followed by beers at the Imperial Cafe and Bar Castilla to see Paco.  Monday and Tuesday were chill out days with more tapas and a birthday meal for a relative, I had the Malaga seafood special, an experience. Wednesday was a drive to Gibraltar and breakfast at the Gibraltar Arms, very enjoyable.

Thursday was a quiet but hot day, up to 28c.

Friday was an afternoon out and early return.

As I said a quiet week just on my own and very enjoyable it was too.

Next weekend it's off to the boat and some planning for Aprils jaunt to the Erewash.