Sunday, 23 February 2014

A catch up

Not been blogging for a while so I thought it time for an update.

Johanna has just come back from Skiing in Innsbruck.  seems she had a really good time.  We were at the boat last week, just an overnighter.  The new Webasto is having teething trouble.  It fires up then immediately shuts down.  Geoff Taylor is looking at it so it should be sorted soon.  when we start it up the second time it kicks in and is fine, so something is not right.  With it being new I expect it to be resolved or replaced.  Once it is on its really good.  We have a boat which is now comfortable to wake up in during the winter months.

The job list remains and the next major piece of work is prep for our boat safety inspection.  I do not anticipate any issues given what we have done thus far.  She also gets slipped out in April for blacking and some welding under the gunwhales.  When the boat was built it was only spot welded so I have asked Paul Barber to put it right.  That means a trip to his workshop on the Erewash which will be nice.  Then its back to Kings Bromley and more modernisation by fitting a new bathroom with the all important radiator.  I am also looking at further extending the central heating into the front cabin, just need to look at options.

I am off to Spain for a week next Saturday, on my own, no wife or kids.  Looking forward to a relaxing break amidst major work related issues.  Blackberry will be with me as I still have a couple of meetings to dial in to, such is life.  Just bought a new suitcase after watching so many people arrive at airports with cabin baggage cases.  By doing this I don't have to mess about with hold baggage as going for a week I can transport all I need in the cabin case.  Lets face it, a week away, what do I really need?  I will buy deodorant and toothpaste over there, pack clothing, razor and flip flops in the bag and with up to 10 kilos allowance for cabin baggage I should be fine.  I do not have to do this, I could but 22k in a hold suitcase, but I can buy most of what I need over there and leave it for the next trip, simples!

The week after I get back its  back to the boat.  If the weather is ok we will have a short trip out to blow off the cobwebs.  7 years to early retirement so I still have a way to go.  I have decided to finish early because a previous pension allows me to and it will be enough to keep us going on the boat, probable sell the house and buy something much smaller too.  In doing so we could have our own boat built, something which we expect to do.  I am very keen on having a quality shell built which will be Zinga coated, inside and out.

Another big job is a new TV for the house.  Looking at a samsung smart tv, 55 inch together with Sanos sound system which we will gradually build onto through the house.

So lots to do but may as well spend some hard earned dosh as its not ding me much good in the bank.

So, that's it for now, away to plan the summer escapade.