Saturday, 9 November 2013

All change

So, after a telephone call from or rather to the marina...

Ok the marina rang but hung up before I answered so I rang them back and they said that they have a new mooring in the front pound at Kings Bromley marina - we are moored in a difficult spot in the back pound which, when the wind blows makes leaving and entering very difficult.  The new mooring still has challenges but also has better cover from the wind and is in the front pound and parking is right next to the boat.

More all change - we are now currently having a webasto heater fitted.  I intend to get remote control too so we can heat the boat before we get there but let's get the thing fitted and tested first.

Too many things going on recently has meant few boats opportunities, including a night out with our niece in Newcastle which resulted in our first visit to a nightclub together in 23 years!  It was fun, really!

Our new mooring

Very please indeed sir!

Next night on the boat will be 21 November I hope, we can then test the heating.

Hopefully, the blogging can re-commence now.

I am also blipstering which is quite fun. Link