Thursday, 22 August 2013

Central heating commissioned and beaming!

The heating is done.  Whilst it is regulated by the maximum from the calorifier valve, 50c is exactly what we wanted as a trial.  The eventual target is to increase the max heat and also fit a thermostat but that's a job for October I think.

A nice job with the pump in the engine hole which helps with noise suppression 

A couple of pictures

Still needs a tidy up but not much.  I intend to leave the pipes uncovered given the heat expected but might box in if the tanning does not render the colour down enough or I want it to look less noticeable.

The important bit is cold mornings will never be the same again inside the boat and we are largely using the engine as heater with the immersion heating element as reserve on the shoreline (only).

Batteries go in tomorrow and one more job done.  Next two are the thermostat and the isolation transformer.  After that the bathroom me thinks, although that is less important as all the important bits work.

Was only on the boat for ten minutes but the gentle rocking reminded how much I miss it!

The "beaming" bit in the title is number 1 daughter getting 10 A* (yes, Stars!) in her GCSEs,  well done Johanna!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Some work underway

Ok, so we are mid summer and I have just decided to get some work done on heating no less!

The boat is heated solely from the Morso stove which is at the front of the boat, 50ft from our bed.  The calorifier is all ready to support the addition of some central heating pipes and a couple of rads.  In addition, we need the calorifier heating element connected so we can benefit from hot water and heating.  The heating will be supported by a pump and header tank with exposed copper pipes.

I also suspected, quite correctly, that the batteries, multicell closed, were also past their best and these have been replaced with wet cell open batteries.

I hope to go to the boat Friday lunchtime to inspect the work and take some pictures.

All in all this should make winter trips to the boat much more enjoyable.  I would like to fit a timer in good time but let's get the basics complete first.

Sadly, no trips for a couple of weeks as we have a birthday party and 50th wedding Anniversary to attend.  After that I will be on the boat and tripping down to Alrewas.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Plum Pudding

So, out this morning from Kings Bromley to just past Rugeley.  We the winded and came back through Rugeley to where we are now, the Plum Pudding.  We past Moore2life near the viaduct just before Rugeley.

Pictures later but we are now moored with NB Empty Wallet just passing us, a lovely afternoon.

Don't know about you but I love doing what I am doing right now, relaxing and ruminating.

That's Sarah with her new beats headphones from rip off Spain el cheapo copies, very good too!

More later