Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A trip to Alrewas

Before the trip, we had the engine serviced by Bromley wharf ltd, and a good job done.  They even filled the stern greaser, a job I truly hate.

So,with an engine serviced, of we went on Friday to the boat.  Yes, the weather is with us, so were quite a few other boaters!

A lovely Saturday morning and we locked down through Fradley - odd, the volunteers were all on a day out to the Anderton boat lift, possible the busiest day of the year so far, still they do a good job, unpaid!

We got to Alrewas about 1:30 pm and found a spot just after the winding hole, perfect!

I prepared for nothing and the girls went to the butchers, famed in these areas.

We saw some dog walking friends going the other way from Willington, did not expect them so it was a nice surprise.

We still suffer from the boaters who think tickover is between tickover and normal running speed.

The journey back was lovely and our friendly volunteers were back on station.

Next trip late August as we are off to my sisters villa/finca in estepona for a wee break from the sun!

For me, back to London tomorrow.