Monday, 17 June 2013

Very quick update

Looking at future mooring options.  Kings Bromley is great but we wanted to check some alternatives.  I have found a spot near Coventry but it is dependent upon other matters.  Sorry to be cryptic but needs must just now.

Sadly no boating for A few weeks de to work and family commitments and our near neighbour who keeps inviting us over for food, you know who you are!

Stuck in London tonight before a trip to newcastle tomorrow, wow don't I get the exciting trips!

All for now

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Decided on a trip from King's Bromley to Alrewas.

We arrived at the boat at 8.45am and were away by 9:10am.   We are getting very good at sorting the boat out and moving.  Down to Fradley we headed.

Locks in our favour, no queue, we had a great trip passed the Swan.  Past the lock and who was there? Nev on board his new to him boat, Percy.  Nice to meet him at last having past his previous boat on a number of occasions.

After that we got to Alrewas without any delay and winded just past Bagnall lock, reversing onto a 48 hour mooring spot.  Will take some more photos tomorrow but here we are for now.

Quite good shots given they were taken using the iPad inbuilt camera huh?

I finally found a new mechanic and Lola gets her service next week.

All the other jobs will be lined up once the first piece of work is assessed.