Monday, 27 May 2013

Great Haywood

Just a short pootle to Great Haywood where we moored just after the lock exit and beyond the two boats selling "antiques".  They did not see over bothered about selling and the weather was there to enjoy.  If you think about mooring just where we are remember the sun is a little late coming up because of the tree canopy.  Satellite doe not work either here, you need to be further on.  No tv did not bother us at all. Lovely and quiet here too, no geese waking us up at 4am either

Couple of pints in Clifford and lunch at the lock house restaurant, funny place don't expect to get what you order.  They asked for our order twice and still got it wrong, I suspect they had no lamb left so Kath got turkey!  Very funny though and worth going, just don't be too serious.

A sill man moored in the last bollard of the lock mooring,  at the top going down.  Made it difficult for many and he could have easily moved his boat 50 ft out of the way.

Shrugborough hall gardens not very inspiring and not even worth a tender.

Plenty of people around messing about in the river given the warm wether

Mega busy at colwich lock we got there 4th in line and another 8 boats collected behind us in short order.

We got through Colwich and on to the cutting passed Rugeley.  An American family had moored up just before the cutting.  We thought, strange but never mind.  Kath went ahead to reserve our passing turn.  I got the Walkie talkie message to say all clear.  As I passed the Americans (only adding context, not making a nationalistic reference) in a Shakespeare hire boat he shout hey we are in front.  I responded that he had spiked up and not sent anyone to check the other end of the cutting.  I slowed for him to get going but he was just interested in whining so I kept going after telling him to get a grip of his boat and man up.  He shut up and followed behind.  

A few piccies from the iPhone, I use these because the phone geo tags the shots, largely in reverse order from southog Rugeley to Shugborough.

An odd looking building I think.

There's a bird of prey in there somewhere.

Can you guess what it is?

Nice garden

Tixhall wide
Shugborough Hall

So, we are back home again after a really nice weekend.  Not sure about next trip, will have to check calendars as its Ely next weekend to an old friends. After that its Henley Women's Regatta on 19 th June with racing on the 21st.  So that gives me some time in between I hope.

Next big job is to consider future moorings.  I love it here but I need more time reliable mechanic services.  If I stay here any recommendations?  What's it like at Sawley for mechanics?