Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Day 2 and we are at Atherstone top lock.

Definitely a day of two halts. This morning we were breaking ice, this afternoon I can fell that the sun has been on my face. The morning started at about 10 am in terms of moving off from Hopwas. We were breaking ice to just before Fazeley junction. We turned left at Fazeley because we are going clockwise. It felt all wrong to turn left but it was the right decision to make!

Last time we were this way we met up with Doug and James on NB Chance, except to had winded to go back down the Atherstone, not this time. Hope you are well guys, your recent trips abroad have captured my interest especially New York which we will visit next year.

We had one minor incident relating to a boat going the other way and we were evens to make a bridge. I decided to wave them through and the guy at the tiller was an arse. No thank you or even an acknowledgement. Manners in the old seem to be as rare as they are in other age groups.

Anyway he was the arse so lets move on. We passed Alvecote with no bother and made the Atherstone locks with most going up. We had some excellent help going up from some hirers on an Anglo welsh. Well done to them for helping others. Reckons the helpers were no older than 15, just goes to show.

Tonight it's Fish and chips from the local chippy after a pint in the pub nearby.

Quite tired because my time clock is all over the damn place and I am waking up at 3 am!

Hopefully tonight will sort it as bed time will not be before 11 pm.

A few piccies will be uploaded tomorrow but here is the delightful views of past urban manufacturing.