Saturday, 6 April 2013

A slightly longer update - Wednesday through Saturday AM

So, Newbold on Avon was our stop over night on Wednesday.  No lights in the tunnel which was a shame.  they usually have a very nice light effect covering the tunnel walls as you pass through - more austerity measures I guess.

Here we are at Newbold, in the snow

Rather majestic and photogenic at anytime

The dim tunnel

Yes we are hardy, foolish boaters!

Yeah, another rare one of me.  and yes, it was still bloody freezing!

The trip from Newbold to Napton was a bit cold, especially Newbold to Braunston.  Once turned at Braunston we were benefiting from a tailwind.  We moored up after the Braunston Moorings, at
 about Bridge 100 for lunch.  A Yellow Peril (yes a Viking Afloat boat) came past us full pelt.  It is sheer ignorance and stupidity.  We hired a yellow peril some years ago and were made fully aware of the rules of the water, so its down to the hirer's in my book.  I am going to buy a small quality camera so I can take pictures on the go.  My Canon is too unwieldy when steering.

We got to just by Bridge 108 at Napton and it was a pleasant mooring but nothing startling.

After Napton and the right turn at Wigrams we move onto the double locks which we met without another boat so Stockton Locks on our own but with two sterling CRT volunteers.  Now the need for the diddy camera is proven I could have snapped them (with their permission of course) and praised them here.  Still, for the girls it was a hard haul, made more enjoyable by a nice lunch at The Cuttle Inn.  We moored adjacent to the Two Boats pub but it was shut.  After the pub we got to Bascote Locks where we were met by a holiday boat, Robert from the Anglo Welsh Fleet.  A nice family, reasonably competent boaters too.  So we locked down with them until Wood Lock, where they sought an overnight mooring.  Because we wanted to go to Leamington Spa for Saturday shopping we carried on to Radford Bottom Lock and moored just after the disposal point.  Not, very nice moorings there; quiet and peaceful.

Some pictures of the mooring:-

So, we are now moored at Royal Leamington Spa and the girls have gone shopping giving me time to update the blog and chill out a bit.  Not sure where from here, I am guessing that we will shop at Tesco, bridge 46, and then go up Hatton Locks on Sunday, leaving Monday to get to Elmdon Heath I suspect.  Then we meet up with friends Tuesday morning for through Birmingham to, I hope Curdworth Church Bridge.