Sunday, 28 April 2013

No painting

Was gonna paint this weekend but the weather forecast out me off.

That said, next weekend being a bank holiday should be ideal.

Even though I need to have the gunwhales ground with an angle grinder, I have decided to give em a good scraping and use the hammerite straight to rust to cover them for now.

Not a bad weekend what with me going out with a couple of work mates for beers and an excellent Italian meal, not far from beeston marina, check it out at

Before that we had a couple at the Crown Inn

Very good beer there but they don't host castle rock breweries products. But the Hop Pole does! So we had a couple here too

No web site but

Should give you the heads up. I really enjoy this pub with its very traditional feel.

Saturday was an early start taking Jo rowing. Fancied a row myself to be honest.

Lets not do toon talk

Today it's long dog walk and allotmenting mixed with some home gardening. Easier week this week, last week had me away two nights in London, only a day visit this week, at a conference.

Hoping to get the boat service done soon, then we can start on the long list of work I need doing.

Mrs D's new business still growing so that's on the up. Big news is I have just bought this

Pick it up Tuesday from London camera exchange - I know it's cheaper elsewhere but I like to try before I buy and the Internet does not do that plus I pick it up when it suits me. Gonna be great using it for telephoto but long distance macro too with my extension tubes, good times ahead and hopefully my shooting will have an extra dimension.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Curdworth to Whittington and then Kings Bromley, the end of our Easter Journey

So, Curdworth, nice mooring, the tunnel is, well, short.  The Pub was ok but the ale choice very poor.  Again, Very little boat traffic.  In fact bugger all really until we got to Fazeley.  Who did we see in Fazeley?  read, or look, on!

Heading down the Curdworth Locks

The Curdworth Tunnel

I could have added a medium filter, but the sky really was that colourQ 
Pretty Close to the Motorway

Kath trying one of her arty poses lol

Sarah and Kath working together.  Sarah wears a life jacket because I insist.

Yes, Joan Collins has a Canal Boat!

This was taken just before the Fazeley Junction, nice architecture

Now that where I would live, if I could get a canal side mooring

Now that's the smallest I have seen, so far.

And here is who I saw, their blog is  here

We then carried on to Whittingon.  No pictures as we were concentrating on getting there and I was still very tired form the poor nights sleep.

Very nice Chinese in Whittington just past the Bell Inn.  The pub showing to be next to the Canal has been raised to the ground, I expect for more housing.  However, the walk into town is pleasant and only takes 5 mins or so from, I think Bridge

We left Whittington at about 9 am.  I would not moor there again as the trains disturbed my sleep far too much.  The weather forecast was heavy rain, in the event there was very little.

Our journey was very straightforward and we arrived in Kings Bromley at about 12 noon.  Once ther it was pumpout first and then lock down.  I hope to get to her in about three weeks whence we shall be doing some major touch ups.  I will create a Compilation of the Warwickshire Ring when time permits.  Needless to say, the only bits I would change was the weather - out of my power and the final part of the route.  I would take Adams advice and turn onto the Stratford and then make our was to the Staffy rather than the Birmingham and Fazeley.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


We left Catherine De Barnes at 9:15 am am chugged along to Olton where we met our friends to give them a days boating. Started off quite nice but if anyone knows this route it became quickly very industrialised. Not ugly but the crap in the water was sad. I will update the blog in the next day or so with some of the photos of the route. We caught tyres, had to negotiate two trees fallen into the lock almost next to each other such that it was like a chicane and numerous buggies, brollies etc. The route we took saw us turn at Bordersley Junction onto the Saltley cut.

Not a lot to write home about, again piccies will follow. We then turned o to the Birmingham and Fazeley and toodled along to Curdworth. Quite quiet it seems and we are eating in tonight.

What was surprising was how few boats were on the move in this area. We passed perhaps three boats that were also moving all day.

Reflections? The Warwickshire Ring is one we would not repeat because it is soleless and not really enjoyable to the extent the four counties or Cheshire ring is.

I still want to go to gas street but perhaps via another route, not sure.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Catherine De Barnes

That's where we got to today.

Top tip, the starting point at Knowle flight will scratch ure paint. Stop short or very late.

The flight was fine, no problems encountered.

Because we have day trippers tomorrow we only have a short trip to the start point, Olton to be precise. Bit cold again this morning but I did get a good hours walk in which I thoroughly needed and enjoyed.

This location is nice and quiet, I think their is a pub across the bridge so I shall give it a reccie when we go to the shop.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tom o the wood

Great food, well cooked

The Hatton locks Going Up

Hopefully I will be able to post progress and timing as well as a few piccies of the locks.

I do not expect to start until 10 ish and even then will need to find another boat to pair up. Watch this space for progress, I will update the page as time permits.

10 am start

No 2 10:12

No 3 10:15

No 4 10:32

No 5 10:41

No6 10:52

No7 11:00

No 8 11:08

No9 11:15

No 10 11:25

No 11 11:35

No 12 11:40

No13 11:45

No 14 11:52 (39)

No 15 11:56

No 16 12:05 no 41

No 17 12:12

No 18 12:20

No19 12:30

No20 12:40

No 21 12:45


Saturday, 6 April 2013

A slightly longer update - Wednesday through Saturday AM

So, Newbold on Avon was our stop over night on Wednesday.  No lights in the tunnel which was a shame.  they usually have a very nice light effect covering the tunnel walls as you pass through - more austerity measures I guess.

Here we are at Newbold, in the snow

Rather majestic and photogenic at anytime

The dim tunnel

Yes we are hardy, foolish boaters!

Yeah, another rare one of me.  and yes, it was still bloody freezing!

The trip from Newbold to Napton was a bit cold, especially Newbold to Braunston.  Once turned at Braunston we were benefiting from a tailwind.  We moored up after the Braunston Moorings, at
 about Bridge 100 for lunch.  A Yellow Peril (yes a Viking Afloat boat) came past us full pelt.  It is sheer ignorance and stupidity.  We hired a yellow peril some years ago and were made fully aware of the rules of the water, so its down to the hirer's in my book.  I am going to buy a small quality camera so I can take pictures on the go.  My Canon is too unwieldy when steering.

We got to just by Bridge 108 at Napton and it was a pleasant mooring but nothing startling.

After Napton and the right turn at Wigrams we move onto the double locks which we met without another boat so Stockton Locks on our own but with two sterling CRT volunteers.  Now the need for the diddy camera is proven I could have snapped them (with their permission of course) and praised them here.  Still, for the girls it was a hard haul, made more enjoyable by a nice lunch at The Cuttle Inn.  We moored adjacent to the Two Boats pub but it was shut.  After the pub we got to Bascote Locks where we were met by a holiday boat, Robert from the Anglo Welsh Fleet.  A nice family, reasonably competent boaters too.  So we locked down with them until Wood Lock, where they sought an overnight mooring.  Because we wanted to go to Leamington Spa for Saturday shopping we carried on to Radford Bottom Lock and moored just after the disposal point.  Not, very nice moorings there; quiet and peaceful.

Some pictures of the mooring:-

So, we are now moored at Royal Leamington Spa and the girls have gone shopping giving me time to update the blog and chill out a bit.  Not sure where from here, I am guessing that we will shop at Tesco, bridge 46, and then go up Hatton Locks on Sunday, leaving Monday to get to Elmdon Heath I suspect.  Then we meet up with friends Tuesday morning for through Birmingham to, I hope Curdworth Church Bridge.