Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Planning for the first major trip


So, we are all still here!

What has happened since my last post.  Not too much really. We have been to Lola a couple of times but not been out for sooo long.

This weekend we will be on her for the first time in  few weeks.  There will be some changes.  Hopefully the leak at the skin tank pipe will be rectified.  I could do this myself but the problem was caused during the ballast work by the engineers.  They also damaged some doors but I was half inclined to make changes to them anyway so I am not bothered there.  A new change will be the connection of the calorifier to the shoreline power, meaning hot water without running the engine, bliss!  No trip this weekend, its purely relaxing from some quite stressful weeks.  I also expect that the gas regulator has been replaced together with one or two minor repairs.

The first cruise will be the Warwickshire ring at Easter, possibly clockwise.  I am really looking forward to this trip as it will be the first through Birmingham.  Chances are we will head out Easter Monday because Johanna is training at Peterborough Rowing Trench.

My key interest on the trip is to relax, smile, walk Lola dog and be reminded about the beauty of England - whatever the weather.  I am a hardened Englishman, well used to the vagaries of British weather.  I have been on my boat through the most vicious of weather and remain undeterred, boating is me.

More when we get to Lola and hello all!