Saturday, 22 December 2012

4 Inches!

So we got the back lifted by 4 inches after we moved ballast from further up the boat but still in the last section.  Lets hope its worth it eh?

Next jobs will be done when weather is better.  Slowly but surely we are modernising her to our taste.  Some say we could have bought a newer boat, true, but not as much fun and this way we get what we want.  I am already thinking about connecting the calorifier up and adding a couple of radiators but no rush as we are not live aboard and we tend not to boat in winter.

Off to her tomorrow so we can have a night in the land of peace.  Compared to the house that is.  damn cats giving it what for in the middle of the night on top of our shed.

Tonight its tasting night.  We have a very friendly cul de sac and three households, including ours, make various alcoholic beverages ranging from white wine to strawberry vodka and damson gin, the damsons from our tree.  So we will be sharing our wares until we can share no more.  It also doubles as an eating event too, even though we are only doing snacks.