Monday, 31 December 2012

An Aweful Cold

Struck down with two colds, one immediately after the other.  I do not do colds very well, my asthma elevates the impact and leaves me weak, with a hacking cough and temperature madness.

Still, it could be worse and I should keep that in mind.  I was going to a party tonight, just over the road at Prof Howdles but I have decided to keep my cold to myself and not infect anyone else.  This will make tonight boring as family will be going with me goggle box watching, but we must put in an appearance.

Waiting for the leak to the skin tank to be fixed so no boating for a week or two which is a bit of a shame as Daughter No. 1 has not been able to row for a while given the rising of the Trent, leaving opportunity for more boaty.

I have also decided to have the calorifier connected to power (it has an element in it) and am waiting for a quote and how it will be connected.  We only need it when on shoreline as this removes the need to run the engine for domestic hot water but I need advice on this as I am thinking about getting a couple of radiators fitted which will feed from the calorifier.  The Morso is great but does not get the rear of the boat warm and this is where our fixed double is.  Lots to think about.

Monday, 24 December 2012

A night on the water

And a bit bobbly too!  Removing some ballast has certainly caused Lola to roll a wee bit, but only a wee bit.  I agree now she had too much ballast.  However, I do think that we could put some weight into the bow to create an even better trim.  We shall see.

A hidden inspection area has also been created.  Believe me its very well hidden.

Now a lesson learnt well.  I recall Justin from Aqua advising that, as a minimum, I check three things before I start the engine:-

1.  Check the Oil

2.  Check the Belts (two alternators)

3.  Check the anti - freeze (water)

Now, this is wise advice.  I checked the anti-freeze and guess what?  the expansion chamber was empty.  There is only one thing, the water does not disappear.  It has to go somewhere.  I refilled and ran the engine.  this morning I checked the chamber - empty.  OK lets investigate.  It was quite easy.  When the ballast was being moved/removed the pipe from the skin tank must have been knocked as there was water in the cabin bilge (the bilge is always bone dry).  This can happen to anyone but now you see (if you have not previously) the importance of checking the three!  The leaky bits will be sorted soon and the water in the bilge removed.  sorry no photos, plain forgot.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

4 Inches!

So we got the back lifted by 4 inches after we moved ballast from further up the boat but still in the last section.  Lets hope its worth it eh?

Next jobs will be done when weather is better.  Slowly but surely we are modernising her to our taste.  Some say we could have bought a newer boat, true, but not as much fun and this way we get what we want.  I am already thinking about connecting the calorifier up and adding a couple of radiators but no rush as we are not live aboard and we tend not to boat in winter.

Off to her tomorrow so we can have a night in the land of peace.  Compared to the house that is.  damn cats giving it what for in the middle of the night on top of our shed.

Tonight its tasting night.  We have a very friendly cul de sac and three households, including ours, make various alcoholic beverages ranging from white wine to strawberry vodka and damson gin, the damsons from our tree.  So we will be sharing our wares until we can share no more.  It also doubles as an eating event too, even though we are only doing snacks.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ballast out, Ballast in

Richard, as instructed, proceeded to remove the ballast.

A call from Richard and he advises that the ballast once removed, makes the boat unstable but still does not lift the stern by what we wanted.  So we conclude that the weight of the new engine alone is causing the trim to align in such a way as a permanement feature.  We very rarely have problems because of it so we now live with this as the norm.  Next jobs are the galvanic isolator, replacing the gas regulator and removing the rust from under the gunwale.

Hope to be at the boat next weekend but we shall see.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


So been to boat and did the usual, from our perspective that is.

Taps drained, shower flushed out, water pump off.

Thats it for us.  I do not fill the diesel or drain the calorifier.  Touch wood, no issues so far.

The Marina looked good and the sunshine was lovely.  I nearly decided to stay over but we have  much work to do fitting a new bathroom in the house, its bath fitting time today so back home we went.

Richard is going to start removing the ballast from NB Lola on Monday.  I am looking forward to seeing a much better trim to the boat once thats done.  Perhaps a little less cavitation and better handling too.

I have many more years to work but the day I am finished I will be on the boat for some long haul continuous crusing.  I reckon I should finish in April, giving me a nice long period to get to the Kennet and Avon and back up to the Lancaster before a trip along the Leeds Liverpool and the Huddersfield Narrow.  After that it will selling the houes and buying a  cottage near , or on, the canal where we can sit out the winter and do jobs on Lola.  I was asked if I would buy a new boat, I am not sure.  NB Lola is really comfortable and is built the way we would wish. 

I suppose we would make some alterations.  One would be to have a fixed genny fitted in the engine ole.  this would allow creature comforts.  I would also have central heating fitted, actually I might do that next year anyway.  A warm boat first thing in the morning would be lovely.

Anyhow, back to my horrible cough, the product of a cold.  As I am asthmatic, I always end up with a deep hacking cough for a few weeks

Bye for now