Sunday, 11 November 2012

A meander to Attenborough

When not on the boat we live quite close to Attenborough Nature Reserve.

We decided, as the weather was so lovely this morning to take dog Lola to the nature reserve. As she is a fox red Labrador, water calls her.  So when we arrived it was let me at it.

Some lovely colours.  I used a medium density graduated hoya filter.  Mrs D tends not to be bothered by such things, you can see the difference.

see, no filter

Sarah and Lola

A rare shot including me

Bit of experimenting with light

Ubiquitous Swan

Mrs D, Sarah and Dog Lola

Beeston Lock

The picture here is Anaconda, the Dragon boat on an outing from its base next to Nottingham Rowing Club

Looking east from Beeston Lock, quite busy again

Another lovely morning.  Lola got soaked a number of times and had to be washed when we got her home.