Sunday, 25 November 2012

What a night to pop over to the boat!

Wow,  so that was windy and wet, not wet and windy as windy certainly did come first.  Wet came later and the marina was quite flooded on one corner.  I decided to put a little extra into the ropes in case we get a water level increase but it seemed ok.  Sleep was intermittent because of the wind but not too bad.  I have never been on the boat in such wind (on the canal anyway), we were bobbing about like nobodys business. 

The purpose of the visit was to chill, and chill I did, weather or not.  The marina was, as usual, very full, with only the odd space, strangely one right next to us.

The roads around were also quite flooded.  last night we decided to try the local pub.  When we got there we were advised that they could only do a limited range as their gas was off.  How strange.  We choose pizzas as they had a pizza oven.  Wish I had not bothered.  All 4 of us agreed that the food was appalling and the service was dire.  It took 45 minutes for the pizza to turn up and the place was near empty.  The staff never once checked on us and made no comment when they saw how much was left on our plates and my girls do not waste their food - nor do I for that matter and I left my plate half full.  So Royal Oak Kings Bromley, we shall not be returning unless this was an unusual event and others recommend we try again.  For boaters, the pub is not that close to the cut.

Next trip to the boat is unknown butI am having more work done to her by Richard Sherratt so I will probably visit her after/during this period.  As I have mentioned previosly, I have high regard for Richard, a very good engineer and boat all rounder.  The work is to remove 2cwt in ballast because the new engine causes her to sit very low in the stern, not dangerously so but low enough.  Other jobs include fitting a galvanic isolator and replacing the gas regulator.  Other work is also being planned but this will be for the new year, if not later.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

A meander to Attenborough

When not on the boat we live quite close to Attenborough Nature Reserve.

We decided, as the weather was so lovely this morning to take dog Lola to the nature reserve. As she is a fox red Labrador, water calls her.  So when we arrived it was let me at it.

Some lovely colours.  I used a medium density graduated hoya filter.  Mrs D tends not to be bothered by such things, you can see the difference.

see, no filter

Sarah and Lola

A rare shot including me

Bit of experimenting with light

Ubiquitous Swan

Mrs D, Sarah and Dog Lola

Beeston Lock

The picture here is Anaconda, the Dragon boat on an outing from its base next to Nottingham Rowing Club

Looking east from Beeston Lock, quite busy again

Another lovely morning.  Lola got soaked a number of times and had to be washed when we got her home.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Work on Lola for 2013

A few jobs are needed ready for the 2013 season - which is not far away now!
We need to remove about 2cwt of ballast such that the uxter plate is level with water line and the rudder is just showing.  I guess lifting the boat at the stern about 2-3 inches.  Creating an inspection hatch when repairing the floor – this should make replacing the floor easier I hope!  this is needed because the new engine is much heavier and the trim of the boat is not as I would wish.

Its time to replace the gas regulator and secure the gas bottle inside the bow locker, the latter ready for the BSS which is due next year.  

Fit Sterling pro save 30ampGalvanic Isolator.  when we took her out of the water recently there was evidence of very minor electrolysis on the baseplate, so the isolator may assist keeping that down.  

Angle grinding underneath the gunwale all the way around until it is clear and back to metal, applying vactan, applying some hammerite direct to metal .  this was recommended by Paul Barber and really does need doing. 

Replace the bathroom.  something we want to do next year.  This leaves us needing to refresh the kitchen and then our bedroom.  Ideally, I also want to fit a couple of sliding doors to provide more privacy.
Move the pump out connection location.  This is important as we have narrow gunwales and the pump out is unusually located on the side of the boat.  I want to look at moving this to the top of the boat subject to us not losing too much on suction capability.

Hoping to go to the boat soon just for a night on board and to retrieve the BSS manual so I can start my tick off process.

Strange, whenever I think of the boat I relax.  I wonder why -not.