Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Blacked Boat and more

Paul Barber blacked the boat and did a superb job.  OK it sticking bitumen onto steel and bitumen.  However, its blacked and then stays out of the water for 48 hours - as it should.  I do know of yards which slip the boats back in earlier than that and the blacking has not cured properly.

 This shot is interesting to us in that the cup got damaged in August and had actually split.  I had guessed it was dodgy and asked Paul to look at it.  Without another word he replaced it at no extra cost.  as you can see from the picture alls well.  the prop looked OK too.  I was going to measure it but I get the go and stop I need so why look for more expense?

This is where the external tank is.  as good as new and does the job.  I was please that the anodes looked so good too.  a sign of good blacking as there is nothing to cause corrosion so they do not break down much

This was Paul main report.  Because the boat had not been externally welded, some do not do this.  I do not see why myself.  Anyhow, I need to get to the angle grinder and grind all this off then vactan and seal

This shot shows the ring was bent back at some point.  Do not see need to fix it so its stays as is.

I also popped over to Beeston Chandlery and bought some new centre line rope.  I use double so I do not need to swap it over when the toe path changes sides.  I decided to buy some nice looking red white and blue three stranded stuff.  Should last a couple of years.

So at 1pm its back up the Erewash to the Trent and then onwards to the Trent and Mersey and King's Bromley.