Sunday, 23 September 2012

Boat fever


Well, I have been diagnosed with Boat Fever.  Brought on by the extraction of copious amounts of money with nothing to show for it.  AKA I need a boat fix!

Looks like next Friday or Saturday am we will get there for the night, possibly two.  not going anywhere, just a couple of nights aboard.  We need to move some winter clothes on as we are taking her to the Erewash for a trip and a bum check.  why the Erewash?  well a chap called Paul Barber has a boatyard there and I respect his skill in terms of steel management.  last time Lola was out he reckoned another 20 years before the bum (baseplate) needed replacing so I thought I would go again two years later for an update and blacking.  A long way to go just for blacking I hear you say.  Well, it is but I trust Paul and its a great excuse for a short holiday!

A few pictures of past trips, can you guess where?

2007, our first ever hire

DSCF0013 (4)DSCF0091 (3)

DSCF0079 (3)DSCF0054 (4)

2009, our next hire

DSCF0007Holiday August 2008 Narrow Boat Dentdale  4 Counties Ring 028

Holiday August 2008 Narrow Boat Dentdale  4 Counties Ring 119Day 1 The afternoon stop Lower Heyford 2The first day with our boat!  Little did we know what was in store for us in the next 12 months

Day 6, the MarinaNarrow Boat Holiday October 2010 007 (2)

055Dec 10 019

The fateful day when the engine finally kicked its clogs and the chilly day when her replacement met NB Lola

016 (3)February 2011 and a new external skin tank for NB Lola.  Never overheated since – touch wood!Cheshire Ring 011