Sunday, 30 September 2012

A short stay

A shot of another rock n roll for Rock n Roll

Popped up to NB lola with kath, sarah and Lola dog.  Saturday was a lovely day.  The hog roast "dance" was on tonight at the marina but we decided not to go given sarah would have been bored after 20 mins.  All was well, only a touch of water under the engine, not bad given how much rain we have had.  I ran the engine for about 3 hours so it probably helped to warm the bilge and remove some water.  The stern gland bilge was dry as a bone, nice to have it this way now, I prefer it.

No jobs done this weekend, I am leaving any stuff till we get her down the Erewash and check out her bum and black her.  I am going to black to the gunwhale so touch ups are easier when we get the odd scrape - as you do.  I have decided to move Lola next year to Sawley, mainly to make jobs easier to do.  I would like to paint the bow deck and the stern but I need easy access to her where i can nip home for stuff as well as visit known stores.  I do wonder if Paul barber has a hook up space, perhaps I will check this out as we do not need the "other" marina services given his marina is just ten mins from home.  We shall see.

Anyway, it was nice to feel the bobbing.  Next trip is a hard trip down to Pauls on the Erewash for the steel check and blacking.  Its going to be hard because I am expecting us to boat for all daylight hours, this is unusual for us but I do not have much space in terms of time due to work commitments and I need to bring her back Thursday.  Of course, all bets are off if we get any stoppage notices.  Lets hope we get some lovely October weather (some hope).