Sunday, 30 September 2012

A short stay

A shot of another rock n roll for Rock n Roll

Popped up to NB lola with kath, sarah and Lola dog.  Saturday was a lovely day.  The hog roast "dance" was on tonight at the marina but we decided not to go given sarah would have been bored after 20 mins.  All was well, only a touch of water under the engine, not bad given how much rain we have had.  I ran the engine for about 3 hours so it probably helped to warm the bilge and remove some water.  The stern gland bilge was dry as a bone, nice to have it this way now, I prefer it.

No jobs done this weekend, I am leaving any stuff till we get her down the Erewash and check out her bum and black her.  I am going to black to the gunwhale so touch ups are easier when we get the odd scrape - as you do.  I have decided to move Lola next year to Sawley, mainly to make jobs easier to do.  I would like to paint the bow deck and the stern but I need easy access to her where i can nip home for stuff as well as visit known stores.  I do wonder if Paul barber has a hook up space, perhaps I will check this out as we do not need the "other" marina services given his marina is just ten mins from home.  We shall see.

Anyway, it was nice to feel the bobbing.  Next trip is a hard trip down to Pauls on the Erewash for the steel check and blacking.  Its going to be hard because I am expecting us to boat for all daylight hours, this is unusual for us but I do not have much space in terms of time due to work commitments and I need to bring her back Thursday.  Of course, all bets are off if we get any stoppage notices.  Lets hope we get some lovely October weather (some hope).


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Boat fever


Well, I have been diagnosed with Boat Fever.  Brought on by the extraction of copious amounts of money with nothing to show for it.  AKA I need a boat fix!

Looks like next Friday or Saturday am we will get there for the night, possibly two.  not going anywhere, just a couple of nights aboard.  We need to move some winter clothes on as we are taking her to the Erewash for a trip and a bum check.  why the Erewash?  well a chap called Paul Barber has a boatyard there and I respect his skill in terms of steel management.  last time Lola was out he reckoned another 20 years before the bum (baseplate) needed replacing so I thought I would go again two years later for an update and blacking.  A long way to go just for blacking I hear you say.  Well, it is but I trust Paul and its a great excuse for a short holiday!

A few pictures of past trips, can you guess where?

2007, our first ever hire

DSCF0013 (4)DSCF0091 (3)

DSCF0079 (3)DSCF0054 (4)

2009, our next hire

DSCF0007Holiday August 2008 Narrow Boat Dentdale  4 Counties Ring 028

Holiday August 2008 Narrow Boat Dentdale  4 Counties Ring 119Day 1 The afternoon stop Lower Heyford 2The first day with our boat!  Little did we know what was in store for us in the next 12 months

Day 6, the MarinaNarrow Boat Holiday October 2010 007 (2)

055Dec 10 019

The fateful day when the engine finally kicked its clogs and the chilly day when her replacement met NB Lola

016 (3)February 2011 and a new external skin tank for NB Lola.  Never overheated since – touch wood!Cheshire Ring 011

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A 20th Wedding Anniversary Trip to Jersey


Well, what a weekend.  We decided some time ago to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary with my brother and sister-in-law by going to Jersey.

Not a simple as you may think.  We had intended to all go to Portsmouth where we would overnight until the flight the next day to Jersey from Southampton Airport.  unfortunately i had to go to London on business on the Thursday, so off went Kath and the others whilst I went to London.  After London, I got a train to Southampton where I had agreed to meet them for a meal at the Kutis Royal Thai Pier .

I got to Southampton and headed for a pub whilst I waited for Kath et al.  I found the Platform Tavern, Town Quay, Southampton. SO14 2NY.  What a nice find, the beer was totally excellent487538_4474948468931_512329557_n[1]

I managed 2 pints as the traffic was heavy due to the Southampton boat show starting the following day.  The Kuti was also excellent, perhaps the best Thai food I have had.

So, the following day after overnighting at the Hilton Portsmouth we flew to Jersey., arriving at about 11 am if I remember correctly.  We had an honour guard for our arrival, not really the Red arrows were all lined up after the air display on Jersey the previous day, looked good though.

After landing we got a taxi to the Pomme d’Or in St Helier – an excellent hotel, no argument there!.IMG_4291




St. Helier Marina



Gorey IMG_4261

I will leave this for you to guess or research, still on Jersey

On Friday night we ate in the hotel where we had a delicious seafood night, the food was stunning.  Crab, oyster, clams, mussels, whelks, winkles, gravaldax, prawns, roll mops etc etc, the list went on and on.

On Saturday we shopped and then ate at Dorans, again lovely food and an enjoyable evening.  We did lots of other things which would take to long to mention.


A few more piccies – St. Helier


Gorey again





Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Test for the Blog


Decided to try Windows Live Writer as an alternative to Blogger.  Let me know what you think.

So, Sarah (youngest daughter) and I pootled to the boat yesterday,  Not going anywhere just a night away giving Sarah some me time and me some Sarah time.  Daughter Number 1 is off to Duisberg for the World Masters Rowing championships, so we will be without her for a week for the first time since she was born ohh err.

Any way, boat was fine and weather improved nicely at Kings Bromley.  One thing though, the share boat next to us had their engines running till 10.30 pm, how odd is that, in a near as much full marina too!  I did fancy saying something but my greater desire to chill is more important.

The bilge was dry which is good, seems we have sorted the stern gear nicely now.  We tidied up a bit and watched the world float around us.  Not sure when the next boaty trip will be but is likely to be towards the end of September boo hoo.

I am taking her down to the Erewash October, for her steel check and possible shot blast and two pack epoxy so that will be nice.