Saturday, 18 August 2012

A bit more work on Lola

Two more jobs done on Lola.

Yesterday, Richard fitted a new Calorifier and simplified the plumbing at the same time.  It now also includes an immersion heater which has not been connected yet, but will be.  this makes going to the boat in winter much easier as we will have hot water on demand.  And yes, I will likely have a radiator or two fitted next year now we have the capability.  Whilst the stove is great, it does take a wee while to take the cold off.

He has also fitted a new Inverter.  Now with the inverter came a few problems.  The current inverter sits in a small compartment.  The new inverter is 2.7kw and as such a tad larger.  Such a tad larger that it will not fit in the compartment.  Richard then decided to move the waeco battery charger from its position under the compartment, into the compartment and the space left by the waeco is now filled with the new inverter.

We chose a 2.7kw watt inverter because the last one was 800 watts and the spike wattage of many items meant we were limited by what we could connect.  The TV could be connected but not the laptop.  We could not use an electric kettle.  We could not fit an immersion heater to the calorifier.

So, there now only remains the gulper and the water pump to replace from an electrics perspective and in two years thats no mean feat.

I still recall seeing the boat for the first time and I have no regrets.  She needed some love and attention and now she just needs her bum cleaning and a new paint job.  I am not a member of the shiny brigade in that I am not precious over having a gleaming paint job.  I am thinking of asking Phil Speight to do it but I need to think about what I want given she is no "trad" in any way shape of form.

Today we go to the boat to take some friends on a day out.  they expressed a real interest in narrowboating so I decided to take them out.  If they enjoy it and want a longer stay on her I am thinking of letting them take her out for a week.  Now that's a first.

I will post some piccies of the jobs after I get there today.