Monday, 30 July 2012

Just south of Stone

Well, what a first day. Further  than planned but given the forecast we decided to play get ahead. Couple of heavy showers but a lovely day. Can you believe it, I met Paul Barber, he of the marina on the Erewash. A quick discussion and i will be arranging for the boat to be zinga'd after being shot blasted. Job will be done in October.

Mooring is ok and we shall see what the weather brings tomorrow.

I do have to say it was a lovely days boating.

No photos today hopefully some tomorrow.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

You can tell by the weather to come we are readying for the off

So we intend to arrive at boat on Sunday pm and set out Monday morning.

The weather for next week you ask?  light rain showers every day!  Still, the temperature does not look too bad.

We have allocated 13 days for the trip.  Lets see
Kings Bromley (start point)
End of:
Day 1 Salt Bridge 82
Day 2 Sandon Lock
Day 3 Red Bull Top Lock (still on the T and M)
Day 4 Rode Heath
Day 5 Wheelock Wharf Bridge
Day 6 Wardles Cottage onto the Middlewich
Day 7 Barbridge (Shroppy)
Day 8 Audlem (locks a plenty!)
Day 9 Ted's Boatyard Mkt Drayton
Day 10 Oscote Barn Bridge - 28
Day 11 Calf Heath Bridge 77 Staffs and Worcester
Day 12 Roseford Bridge 94
Day 13 King's Bromley

Now, these are approximations, we tend to use our Pearson's guide to find a nice spot to moor.

We choose between villages and pubs and open space, not really liking large towns.

Our cruising habits are early start early finish so we can enjoy hirer's moving along.  No dis-respect, we just reflect on the fact that we did the same thing when we hired and its nice not to have to rush.  Having already navigated the four counties, we have a good idea on what to expect.  The last time we did this route a then fellow hirer passed us and had a brief chat.  We learnt he had to get into the canal twice in a day.  once to fix a wired prop and the second to rescue a disabled buggy driver who had literally crashed into the canal!  The guys jumped over and pulled the poor person out, probably saving his/her life.

Am looking at getting an isolation transformer fitted.  Being in a popular marina I hate to think what's happening under the water as do most boaters I reckon.

I think Lola dog is keen to get away too.  When we go to the boat now she runs to the cratch with clear excitement, must be the prospect of all those walks.  I reckon we will be given start and stop routines so the girls can watch the Olympic events.

Well, I have rattled on enough without photos.  Lets hope i can get a decent signal and/or my iphone performs.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Olympics and beyond

So, it nearly olympics time for us.  We have tickets for next sundays Rowing at Dorney.

Whilst I go to London almost weekly on business I have been asked to take all on the sughtseeing tour as the youngest barely remembers London, she never lived there anyway.  We will do the westminster stuff I reckon.  I think we will park up at Slough Railway Station then train it to Paddington  and Bakerloo Line to Charing Cross.  From there we will pop down Whitehall and they can enjoy the sights which I ramble past without giving it much attention.  What is better is inside some of the government buildings, some lovely furniture and art work.  Sadly no access when I am not working (as you might expect).  I will take them (and Mrs D) to houses of parliament and then a wee walk along Victoria Embankment.  Might tootle along to Buck House via St James Park and then come back via the Mall, cutting back up to Trafalgar Square for some lunch or perhaps a wander to Sapori in Drury Lane, lovely Italian food there.  Maybe not as its too far.

Then its back to Slough and the Hotel for the evening.  As we are down Chalvey Road, I might see if there are any Indian restaurants left.  I used to work on the corner of Chalvey Road East and Windsor Road, but the offices were demolished for flats.  If not there is a pizza joint where we could buy a take away and take it back to the hotel.  Might just do that.  We will leave the car at Slough Station on Sunday and get the train to So then is out at 7.00 am, car to Slough station for the rowing.  After which its off home to collect bags and off to the boat for a fortnight away on the four counties, cannot wait!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Catching up

We popped to the boat last weekend, to drop some clothes and linen off ready for our next holiday.  We also checked the bilges and all looked very dry, which I was particularly pleased about given recent rain.

We have confirmed that we will do go anti-clockwise around the four counties ring.  If we make easy progress and subject to weather etc, we may also have a wee trip off piste , so to speak.  I fancy a quick trip on the Llangollen, we shall see.  I have also purchase more waterproof gear and a brolly mate whihc i have mused about for some time.  I got the address via the canalworld forum where many responders could not see the purpose.  I intend to use it and get value for when we are going straight.  We do not usually make extreme tiller manoeuvres so it should be fine, I will report results once tested.  if this doe snot work the way I expect I will start looking at alternative ideas.  ideally I need something which does the job and can be quickly dis-mounted.  I could use a large golf brolly and create a ceiling mount, plenty of options.

We visited Derby Beer Festival yesterday, a bit busy at first because the great hall closed for cleaning and re-stocking but things gradually calmed down.  Not as good as the Nottingham Beer Festival.  We will be going on the Friday evening as usual.  I am a CAMRA member but am not precious about beer festivals, the opportunity arose so we went.  As the girls get older we can have a little more freedom.  We had Friday night at the station restaurant in Long Eaton, with 8 friends.  Limited menu but it was very well prepared food.  We would definitely go back.  Incidentally, we had a pre dinner drink, at the Twitchel in Long Eaton. get this, two pints of nice ale and a bottle of Hardys Chardonnay for a tenner! - super value.  The allotment we have has been suffering badly in this weather but we are self sufficient this year in onions and garlic.  We hope the beans and peas will grow as we had potted up some replacements.  The fruit side is coming on nicely.  we have a mature Damson Tree and have planted apple, pear and plum trees for future years.  Strawberry patch is slowly improving, next year should see a good crop.  We will be buying a large greenhouse but not until September I think then we will start on tomatoes, cucumber and other salads.

We will be at boat later this week to do some more prep for the big trip out.  I hope we get time to do some painting of the gunwhale and down to near the water line whilst we are out, all weather dependent.

That's it for now.