Saturday, 16 June 2012


Sadly no boaty for the next two/three weeks.  I have to go to USA on business.  Exciting you may think?

Absolutely not.  I hate flying, one of the reasons we got a boat.  I have to fly to Chicago stay over for a few days so will take the architectural river trip and take some piccies for posting when I get back.  Then its off to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, then back to Chicago and home, no real time to relax and its very business orientated.  so not a really enjoyable trip at all.  Off on Thursday and back next Thursday.  Then its the street party on Saturday 30th, yes we have a lot of street parties as we have a good street social scene and are in a cul de sac.  I suppose we have six or seven a year.  We are also good friends with our next but one neighbours and will be going on a fortnights holiday again with them next year.

So next boaty session may not be until about 6 july I think.  if the weather is nice I fancy heading up the T and M past Great Haywood.  or we will not go out and paint up to the gunwhale, its really needed, believe me!

i am going to use a hammerite straight to rust but will do a good bit of prep first.  If I remember I will take some before during and after piccies.

Right, back to Trooping the Colour!