Thursday, 28 June 2012


Ok so I had to go to USA.  I tried to post blog posts via iphone, no success.  So this is a prĂ©cis of the week away.

We arrived in to Chicago 17:30 on 21/6 after flying from Heathrow on a 747, this one

Was ok but travelling world traveller plus did not give us seats where we could sleep easily.

Immigration was busy and we missed the opportunity to access a fast entry because BA were very poor in giving guidance.

However once into Chicago we started to get our jet lag sorted so we could get on with some work.

view from my window

Yes those are cars!

almost like a jigsaw but the image is real, the building opposite caught in reflection

More later

Saturday, 16 June 2012


Sadly no boaty for the next two/three weeks.  I have to go to USA on business.  Exciting you may think?

Absolutely not.  I hate flying, one of the reasons we got a boat.  I have to fly to Chicago stay over for a few days so will take the architectural river trip and take some piccies for posting when I get back.  Then its off to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, then back to Chicago and home, no real time to relax and its very business orientated.  so not a really enjoyable trip at all.  Off on Thursday and back next Thursday.  Then its the street party on Saturday 30th, yes we have a lot of street parties as we have a good street social scene and are in a cul de sac.  I suppose we have six or seven a year.  We are also good friends with our next but one neighbours and will be going on a fortnights holiday again with them next year.

So next boaty session may not be until about 6 july I think.  if the weather is nice I fancy heading up the T and M past Great Haywood.  or we will not go out and paint up to the gunwhale, its really needed, believe me!

i am going to use a hammerite straight to rust but will do a good bit of prep first.  If I remember I will take some before during and after piccies.

Right, back to Trooping the Colour!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Moored in Alrewas and trying to upload some photos

Ok here we go with some pictures of our trip from Kings Bromley to Nottingham and back via my Three hotspot using my I phone 4s.  We had a great trip back from Nottingham, no delays and locks falling just right for us.  Kath intends to find the shop later, if the rain lets up that is.  Alrewas is a pretty place but photos in this weather would just not do it justice. As the weather back up was a bit unpredictable I donned the wet weather gear and sat it out with me brolly.  I did not get wet because of the precautions.  I have to say we are getting better at keeping dry these days but I do intend to get some proper job wet weather clothing, salopettes

We are now moored in Alrewas, just before the heavens opened, so a quick hop tomorrow to Kings Bromley

A very nice trip too!

Yes smart arse, I only have one leg, funny man! (taken at Branston Water Park)

Coming in ready or not!

Lola  at Branston being very well behaved

Oi get outta my way

It just been too much today

Get Back into Line Sierra 1!

Very bright boat spotted at Bridge one on  the T and M - right next to the end of the T and M

Heading towards the Cranfleet Cut

The Nottingham and Beeston Canal through the centre of Nottingham

Beeston Marina

What am I?

Barton Turns marina

Eh up its Heth! (asleep!)

Rubbish food

Bit narrow here

speak for itself

On the Trent

Can you see him and his croc?  - taken at Shardlow

Never been, Have you?

It's a Wet One

8 am in Willington and it's gonna be a wet day.

This is when I wish I had more wet weather gear.

We have decided to buy some proper stuff on our return, not much use today eh

Nice meeting Heth and hubby last night, what was gonna be just an hour turned a little longer!

I also promised to upload photos, which I shall start tonight subject to connection

Target today is Alrewas - pronounced orewass

As it is rain all day I expect very few blog updates

Well, time to get out of bed!

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Dragon


Ok target for us tonight is a pint in the dragon, Willington
for us from about 7pm for two pints or so

Mail me at if u can make it guys, all welcome!

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Location:Railway Cottages,Derby,United Kingdom

The Trent

On the Trent,

Weird, as soon as I am on a river I am watching the dials more than ever, lovely this morning though!

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Location:Unnamed Rd,Long Eaton,

Beeston cut

So, not a bad morning at 07:17
Next stop is as far as we can get in a day, hopefully Willington because the weather goes a little down hill tomorrow.

I expect to be at Alrewas or Fradley by end of Thursday and am already looking at buying some more water proofs either here or at Willington - not exactly known for ??

More later as I now need to walk the dog and wake the troops, easier said than done when it's three girls.

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Location:Canal Side,Nottingham,United Kingdom

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beeston cut

Lovely day.

So from the clock warehouse down to Beeston thence onto Nottingham and back to Beeston just before the Trent.

Just raining now

Tomorrow back up to willington way -ish

Heth - will message if in willington overnight, could have a wee cuppa to say hello or even beerio in the dragon

Nottingham was v interesting even though I work in the centre, such a different view. Our photos and summary I hope will assist

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Location:Canal Side,Nottingham,United Kingdom

In our pits

Currently moored at shardlow, next to clock warehouse. Sadly, food gone downhill compared to many previous visits. More about that when I prepare a trip summary. Weather cloudy but no rain so far.

Next stop is Beeston. Then onto Nottingham, returning to Beeston for an overnighter before heading back up the Trent and Mersey to Kings Bromley

PS daughter won a gold at Metropolitan in a womens coxed four!

Race was at the Olympic venue, Dorney, which we have Olympic tickets for in July.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Technical issues - change of plan


Nope, not on the black country ring. Instead we are travelling to Nottingham because of rowing commitments

Wot orrible weather ,still spirits high and we are now at willington just behind takey tezey. Photos to follow

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Location:Findern Ln,Derby,United Kingdom