Sunday, 6 May 2012

On da Boat

Popped to NB Lola yesterday lunchtime with no. 2 daughter as no.1 is rowing this morning along the Trent in Nottingham.

Marina is beautiful today

Staying till Monday.

I finally bought a new Iphone as my 3GS stopped working, was just not picking up a signal despite doing all the usual.  i was waiting for the iphone 5 but am not that fussed.  Why an Iphone?  simples, three network and tethering is included in the one plan and I saw no value in getting an android, the plan was no cheaper and i am comfortable with the iphone.

Not sure we will go out as time is limited.  I might go up to Handsacre turn there and reverse to the pub, lets see how the other two,when they arrive later today, feel.

Found another way of lighting the Morso.  I bought some instant light Homefire, it has been treated with something flammable and lights really easily.  Fire is just right now, I am finally in control of it lol.

Looking forward to Lola dog coming so I can get some walking in.