Sunday, 20 May 2012

Curtains, bloody curtains!

So, job today was to get some new fabric so we could run up some new curtains for the boat.

The ones on were there when we bought her and are really quite tacky.

So choosing a fabric must be simple, doh.

First we go to Dunelm Mills, far too expensive but I did find some roll ends which looked ok.  She rants about having to live with them.  I rant that they are only for the boat!

I go back to car and await outcome

she returns - no fabric

She now gone to some fabric shop in Hucknall.  I do not expect any curtains.

And do you know what?

We have the guy who owns next door to us - utter madness.

I have finally got Richard Sherratt to sort out the plug sockets in the galley.  Strange, the boat had sockets most other places except where you needed em most - in my opinion that is.

I have also been looking at the old waterways world article about harnessing the boat engine to heat the boat.  I may well ask Richard if he can do this.  Strange really, we have an external skin tank but the hot water could just as easily travel around the boat before it gets to the tank - some thinking going on here.

No boating this weekend as we had my brother over and Daughter No.1 is rowing at the Notts City and British Masters.  I may not even get out next weekend because of other jobs.

However, the trip around the black country ring is definitely on, whatever the weather.  i just need to consider Daughter No.1s need to revise, which on a boat should be easy.

Oh for those who like strange but funny reviews try

Absolutely hilarious.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Some additions to the Blog

Back from the boat, all well and an enjoyable couple of days.  Now looking forward to the Black Country Ring first week of June.

Decided to cut some more wood with my Stihl, a few problems as the chain is either blunt again or I still have a problem with the oiler.  Never mind, off to the service company for some tlc.  Chainsaws require respect, training and proper maintenance.

Weather was not so good today but any day aboard is good for me.  I did a few jobs that were needed as well as planning some others.  Measuring up for new blinds and some home made curtains.  I have also decided to add a few plug points to my 240 ring main, just in the Galley where strangely there are none!  This will then support my buying a Remosca.  These little beauties cook all sorts including chicken dinners!  With limited space they are superb.  Very good at curries to because they, seem to have the properties of a slow cooker but not the time to wait!

Took a look at painting options and will wait until we take her out for a bum clean.

The windows need those little seals around the openers - this is to ensure when closed no water gets in and there is a barrier from the wind. I think I need the closed cell neoprene seals, these are for sale at  so I will call them tomorrow for a sample and to discuss.  any other suggestions?

Next trip out will probably be next weekend for a night as I need to measure up for an external lock for the stern doors,  just so we can enter from either.  The problem is that the do not fit in such a way as to enable easy opening.  I guess I will need to do some grinding just to make they open flush without catching.  Could be a job for a skilled worker as I am good at some thing but not lock fitting (I can open them without keys though!).

Lola enjoyed the boat, as usual.  Our 6.30 am walk was a treat as we got the best of the day.

Added a translator bar for the web site and put the UK waterways counter back on.  just to see how many hits I get without using analytics etc. - lazy me eh!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

On da Boat

Popped to NB Lola yesterday lunchtime with no. 2 daughter as no.1 is rowing this morning along the Trent in Nottingham.

Marina is beautiful today

Staying till Monday.

I finally bought a new Iphone as my 3GS stopped working, was just not picking up a signal despite doing all the usual.  i was waiting for the iphone 5 but am not that fussed.  Why an Iphone?  simples, three network and tethering is included in the one plan and I saw no value in getting an android, the plan was no cheaper and i am comfortable with the iphone.

Not sure we will go out as time is limited.  I might go up to Handsacre turn there and reverse to the pub, lets see how the other two,when they arrive later today, feel.

Found another way of lighting the Morso.  I bought some instant light Homefire, it has been treated with something flammable and lights really easily.  Fire is just right now, I am finally in control of it lol.

Looking forward to Lola dog coming so I can get some walking in.