Sunday, 22 April 2012

An overnighter

Quick trip to the boat with my youngest, Sarah.  As she is now 9, she likes to have her own space away from her older sister.  Its good quality time for us both.  Used last of our coal and wood so a trip to my friendly wood owner is on the cards.

Boat was fine, all nice and quiet.  I think we have all but decided to stay at Kings Bromley, it is nice and quiet and very convenient for so many routes.

I have decided that the next paint will be blacking up to the gunwhales so any scrapes can be easily and reasonably cheaply fixed.

Sorry, no photos as the weather was not exactly helping but it was still lovely to be back on the water.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A day at the Allotment (no boating)

So we had a day at the allotment erecting a greenhouse dismantled from home.

It was going so well until we noticed that the roof bars were not quite flush.  I spotted a bolt was causing a panel to sit too high.  the bolt was near the base so we had to loosen off a few nuts.

The wind then blew a hooly of a blast bending the whole bloody lot!  bum bum bum.

Ah well, I guessed it might not go well as moving aluminium green houses is not recommended, particularly when i had dumped the instructions.

So what next?  We will buy a new greenhouse from these people.  Will be a 6x8 so a tad bigger than the one we had.  Before we build it (with optional base) I will prepare the ground better.  the problem was we had just rotivated it and the soil was all squidgy, not a good plan.

Would have preferred a trip to the boat but that will have to wait for a long weekend soon.

The soil is not in much better condition but we need to rake in some (more!) muck to keep it broken up.

We are knackered now but not a bad day even given the disaster, we got out for a whole day in fresh air and our allotment is looking so much better than it did when we rented it just over a year ago.

Once the greenhouse is in we can then start with bringing crops on and growing some chillies etc. 

Monday, 9 April 2012

So where did we go for Easter?


The choice was UK canals, or, for a change a trip to my sisters in Spain.

Spain won and what a choice.  After superb UK weather we left for Spain as the cooler weather returned.

We are in an updated and modernised "Finca"

Not much to say except its hot - 11c in UK and 25c here

Some piccies

Hoped it was an Eagle but sadly no.