Saturday, 24 March 2012

To Tixhall wide

Lovely day now after a foggy start, rugeley was near empty, a first!

Just a weekend away but what lovely weather!
Now at Tixhall wide
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Sunday, 18 March 2012

June Holiday

So, I have decided to have a trip around the Black Country Ring from Kings Bromley, allowing 7/8 days max and subject to water issues.

Which way shall we go.  As usual I am going to go anti-clockwise around a cruising ring.  I seem to prefer this way round for reasons of no consequence - I reckon most people go clockwise but have 0 evidence to support this hypothesis.

So, it will be kings bromley to Great Haywood, then onto the staffs to Penkridge.  Following on will be Aldersley Junction onto the BCN then Farmers Bridge Junction onto the Birmingham and Fazeley.  Onto Minworth, Curdworth, Fazeley Junction onto the Coventry, up to Fradley then home to Kings Bromley.  No choices for overnights, any suggestions welcome, I expect to be well past Tixhall wide on the first day.

These guys were photographed at Attenborough nature Reserve

August may well be the four counties as I love this route.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Boaty Weekend

Excellent weekend to go to the boat.

Bet your wondering how far we got?

About 400 yards to the pump out and back lol.  We just needed to empty the pump out.  The enzyme stuff we have been using is excellent for us.  It was all nicely broken down making the lady doing the pump out worry about our bowel movements.

It was interesting reversing out as I got hit by the wind and had to make a 6 point turn, made it though.

It was lovely being back aboard and we have some new Neighbours "Teal" a shared ownership boat so I expect she will be away regularly what with 12 owners.

The weather was just lovely and we only put the morso on early evening.

I may take Sarah up on Saturday for the weekend - we shall see.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Been a bit quiet

Not been to the boat lately, mainly due to Jo's rowing, exams and me being busy.

Next trip is next weekend as we need to do a pump out.  Depending on the weather/temperature we may go our overnight, not far probably to Fradley.  I need to take bits for a few projects I want to start.  I need to find somewhere to rest my morning cuppa in bed so am going to create some shelving which drops down when not needed.  I also need to fix the front step as the lid is broken.  We also need to clean out the morso and I do mean clean out.  Some pictures need fitting as well as replacing the drop down blinds in the kitchen.  Then I need to run some aerial cable so I can watch telly in bed without messing about fitting the rear aerial.  This is a must as operating with two aerials is a pain.

Subject to pennies I hope to have Lola taken out over next winter and the steel work blasted - all over.  after which I want her to have a complete re-paint including bottom plate, but that needs vactan first to recover the pitting that has occurred in the last 22 years of usage.  So this big job will wait for now.  Paintwork is a bit dull and flaky but underneath it is in good order, at least is looked so last year when taken out.

Another job to do is to re-fit the bathroom, the main purpose is to increase shower room space and generally freshen it up a lot.

Of course none of the above will occur if I cannot be bothered, lets hope I can.

Our trips out this year remain as planned so the first "biggy" will be in May.  I am planning possibly three weeks out in August rather than two - where to go I wonder?