Sunday, 12 February 2012

Chilly but warming

Quick trip to the boat yesterday.  Very cold when we got there.  Water struggled as there was some probably frozen in water pump.  I took her of shoreline and ran the engine for a couple of hours.  Lots of white smoke to begin with but she had not been run for ages so it was acceptable, soon running clear.

The marina seems quieter than of late with more spaces at the back of the marina.  At Kings Bromley you have to negotiate a narrow channel to get to the back of the marina, not difficult but narrow.  i prefer the mooring as we get very little troublesome wind when manoeuvring compared to other places we have been.

She soon warmed up and all was fine so I decided to nip out and take a few pictures, looking for a good sunset shot but there was no real "shot" available.  However, here are a few pictures of what was actually a beautiful day, shame my photos did not do it justice:-

The back pound at Kings Bromley

Lola and Iona

"Marmite" I love the paintwork

Jo exercising the other Lola
Whilst chilly, the thaw had set in overnight.  I expect the ice will be gone as temperatures rise.  We pass the T and M a few times as we drive home and it looked better towards Burton.

That's it for another couple of weeks or so.  I might go Saturday next week with youngest one for the night as I need to build some shelving and remove some mirrors which have been glued to the bedroom woodwork.  The shelving is simple stuff for now, just flip up cup holders near our bed so we can enjoy our morning drink and still be able to put it down.  Above the bed I am going to place some storage shelves but have not designed this as yet.

PS I have voted and I chose Andrew Tidy as my first preference with only three other "notable" other preferences as I found most did not match up to my expectations.  One even recommended "harrassing" management into improving availability.  Harrassment is no replacement for constructive intelligent dialogue.  Good luck Andrew, and the three others -  Ann Farrell, Alan Fincher and David Mayall.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Whatever the Weather

It seems the haul between new year occuring and easter is having an impact.  I am exhausted.  I had hoped to make more use of NB Lola this winter but I suppose we have not done too badly.  the problems lie with my older daughters rowing and social life, combined with weekend trips to plays as part of her english studies.  Younger one is still doing the parties and we have friends and relatives to visit.  I think that this actually makes our boating weekends more special as I look forward to them that much more.  At work all we now experience are the odd resignation but many more noticeable retirements, an effect of the current no external recruitment situation.

So, this weekend we will go to the boat, probably only one night but that is enough to get a quick fix.  One issue I do have is taking enough pictures.  I must make more use of my camera and tripod.  No real jobs to be done (unless I have a wee surprise when I turn up that is!) so it will be get the fire going re set the water system and chill.

Just looked for some pictures to post but so many are over-exposed I would rather wait until I take some better shots.  Although, there should one or two decent ones somewhere?

I am not letting go!


Guess where, a clue? its got basin in it!

I know how I prefer to travel!