Sunday, 22 January 2012


Popped to the boat with my 9 years old daughter for the night.

All was well except for the smoke/CO detector.  Could not get it to work so I had a trip out to Lichfield.  Found separate Co and Smoke alarms in Wilkinsons and decided they were what I wanted.  Both good quality items so gave me more confidence.  Had them both fitted in ten min in the correct place according to the guidance.  The fire was soon on and roaring, I do like the Morso squirrel.  I also turned on the fan heater and the oil radiator but I did not bother with the engine as I could boil what hot water we needed, the calorifier is fed from the engine only.

Very windy night but so enjoyable with just two people, much less crowded.

Will probably do the same next weekend and for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not a lot

Work is getting in the way of boating at present.  I am grateful to be working so no complaints here.
I will be spending a night on the boat this weekend with Sarah.  Been watching NB Waiouru being brought back to life, they are certainly getting there, good luck guys.  Thankfully my Asthma is improving and i can probably get back on the bike soon.  My knee is improving, a boating accident in August at the end of our Cheshire ring expedition - i put my foot on the bank and it gave way slightly resulting in a meniscus problem.  The meniscus is cartilage acting as a kind of knee shock absorber.  It was a bugger at first but is slowly mending, not helped by me playing indoor cricket last week!.

I am missing the gongoozlers (Gorgonzola's in the spell checker!) and the hire boaters and the boat owners so a trip is on the cards if the weather improves.

So here is to the weekend and a little bribery for my 9 year old!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 plans

Ok, I have now developed my plans a bit further

Between now and April we will have the odd weekend at the boat in between Johannas GCSE's.  interestingly her school do them in a year at a time.  For example, history and about 4 other subjects will be studied in year 10 and the exams at the end of the year, with controlled assessments throughout.  Year 11 will be French and the others, making about 11 GCSE's, she already has ICT in the bag when she was 13, a bright girl with her school report showing straight A's across the board.

But back to the boat.  I may go for a few days between April and now.  If Feb half term is ok and Jo is not stressing about school work, we might get a mid week break in.

April is a flight to Spain to see my sister in her Finka in Estepona.

May is possibly a work trip to the US so we might get the odd weekend overnighter.

June, hopefully the half term week we can enjoy on the boat.  Late June is an alternative to the May trip to the US (Iowa and possibly Minnesota, so not exciting in the least).  Sadly, I hate flying.

July.  We were going to boat to near Eton for the Olympic rowing as we have tickets but have decided to cash in some of my priority reward points and drive to a hotel near to eton. 

August will be 2 weeks off on the boat to wherever and back.

September, weekending again with October possibly being a week at half term taking her to a new winter mooring although we are not sure about this yet.  the issue is that Kings Bromley is inconvenient with Jo studying and all so i was thinking about 6 months in Sawley and 6 months Kings Bromley or elsewhere.  the difficulty is we like Kings Bromley alot, it is very convenient for so many routes.

I am very keen on having a new build when I do retire so Lola will be sold, depsite all the work we have had done to her.  Not expecting much of a return but I reckon about 30k would be a welcome sum.  Of course I could have her taken out and tidied up/re-designed and this is an option.