Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A night on the boat

Went to NB Lola yesterday.  All seemed fine, batteries were fully charged but we took our feed from the shoreline anyway.

No issues on board and the night was ok, if not a little unsettled.  Was a bit colde as we did not keep the stove in.  so had to do with the oil filled rad and a hot air heater.

Jobs for the new year now include a new water tank isolation valve, the current one took a bit of WD40 and 3 in 1.  Might be ok on next visit so we will see.  What I did see was a poor paint job where the water tank was, either side it was a bit rusty, not too bad though.

The paintwork is holding up ok and the roof paint job from earlier in the year is fine so far, quite impressed with it really.

So I part winterised, the water tank was half full and I ran the pump with the valve closed so most water has drained out, just the calorifier to worry about but it survived last year so heres hoping.

Not sure about extended plans for next year as we are off to Spain during Easter.  Might have a week during may half term I think.  I fancy a trip to Birmingham and back, or as close to.  Not being in Birmingham is not an issue as it is really about cruising in my opinion.  The alternative could be Great Haywood, Tixall wide and beyond, that sound like a better bet to me.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

No go till new year

Well its no boaty till new year unless we have a stay over just before Christmas, a possibility if the weather stays fair.  What a lovely change from last year.  Lola was stuck in the water with the engine removed, waiting the new one to be fitted.  I am pleased for all that the ice has yet to take a grip.

Sarah had her 9th birthday party yesterday, an afternoon on the ice rink in Nottingham.  She exclaimed that it was her best birthday ever.   I did not take pictures because of the number of bags n bits I was already being asked to look after.

So next big event is Christmas day.  Hopefully a boaty set of pictures before that if we do get to the boat.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Will I ever learn?

Off to the boat this morning.  It takes about 45 mins to get to the Marina.  Why do I mention this read on later.

The visit was to check her over and to also warm her through and check the part winterising.  Fire was lit and I thought - lets just stay over with daughter number 2, this is soooo nice.  Sarah put the tv on and I checked bilges and suchlike.  Kindle was brought with me so I read my book to the end, was just a few pages to go.  We then trialled the oil heater with the intention of putting it on a timer but I decided to leave it a while as last year we suffered no ill effects even though winterising was not done.  However, we will go to the boat again later this month so I can decide then.  Marina was looking pretty full, as usual.

So we got ready to leave, making sure that the fire was dying down and all else was ok.

Off we set homeward bound with the promise of some fried chicken for Sarah as a treat.  Gets nearly home and turn into the chicken shop whence I cannot find my wallet, no recollection of taking it from the boat - bum must have left it aboard. Back we went.  No wallet.  Where is it? Checked around again, still no trace.  OK last place could be in the car, checked the back seats, there it was on the floor, doh!

So back home again we decided to forgo chicken licken and have a sandwich instead.

Because Johanna has Newark rowing competition tomorrow we could not stay on Lola so it will have to be week after next I reckon or await the new year.  I am looking forward to being able to stay over during crimbo but, alas, that may take a while given youngest is only 8.

tara for now