Sunday, 20 November 2011

A short trip and late post

Well, we have been a tad busy this last week and I missed the opportunity to reflect upon our, probably, last trip out of the year.

We wandered out last Monday, as mentioned in previous posts.  No right turn because Fradley was part closed with lock repairs.  So left turn Clyde  and towards toilet town (Armitage).  On board were John and a couple of his friends.  I had promised John a day on the "barge" as he kept jokingly called it, but he now accepts narrowboat, in my company anyway.  A tad cold so on went the gloves and we were soon at Handsacre with not a soul moving, save ourselves.  Whilst cold it was otherwise enjoyable with the fire on for thiose sitting inside.  Bacon sandwiches were soon made up and these kept us "in" for the time being.

The original plan in my head was to go past Rugeley and turn about (wind) at the winding point just past the trent aqueduct.  however, progress was not as expected because there were so many moored boats, meaning a tickeover when nearing and passing them.  I always keep the boat to tick over until i am well past the moored boat, purely to help them keep their pins in by not accelerating to early.

In the end we winded just before Rugeley and headed back through the narrows to moor up at the Plum Pudding restaurant.  We enjoyed some nice Italian fayre which was well cooked and despite Johns dry humour, the waitress was very nice and friendly.  Lunch took us until 2.20 pm meaning we had to get on before it started to get dark.

John, in charge!

 As you can see, quite dull.

Passing NB Theresa as we pass Handsacre.

We got back into Kings Bromley at 3.30 pm, after an enjoyable, easy day.

Richard Sherratt had carried out an engine service for us and it was noticeable - a good job.  Richard has many talents and we may be providing him with some work next year.  He is well known at Kings Bromley and trades as RJS Marine - 07779 242055.  I do like to recommend people who provide good service at an affordable price.  I will be doing my own servicing soon but with a full time job, home and family time is at a premium.

I shall be going to Lola regularly over the winter as even though we will not be taking her out I still enjoy being there.  Last year the engine replacement scuppered these plans so this year I will be there, just need John to find me some more wood!

That's all for now folks.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Where did the weather go?

Seems the weather is turning this week.  Just as well my outing wiv da boyz is tomorrow.

I am taking out 5 guys who have retired early late or just do not know when to give it up!

One of these chaps is a nice guy called John who lives in the midlands in a lovely property with an indecent amount of land.  However, this land yields a plentiful supply of Ash, Oak, irch etc.  So I gain by having enough wood to last all year round.

We went brash clearing - this is the stuff that falls from trees in the main, yesterday and built three bongires for it.  Mine was a total didaster, put down to having the wettest wood supply - my excuse anyways.

I thought it would be nice to have some memories of the day:-

 Mrs Bottom
 Well its smoking

 Sadly, one of the other bonfires
Lola just too tired to go on

I am going to take some piccies of our jaunt to Rugeley tomorrow, my aim to to take some "proper shots", although I do like my slow, handheld exposure above.

One major problem, my firend John, insists on calling the narrowboat a barge.  Not sure if this is in jest or ignorance, although one yesterday did offer the term long boat as an alternative.  I can see I will have my work cut out tomorrow.

It is also time to remember

My Grandad Flood, may all remember and give thanks, their bravery gives us our freedom.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bit of boaty stuff

Popped up to her today to pull out the engine service book ready for its service next week.  Also took off some bit n pieces we will not need till next season.

I really do need to get some painting done but have decided to hold this up for when i take her out to check prop etc.

All was well, I could have easily on her, wish we had overnighted there now.  Never mind.

I have decided to put the oilf filled radiator to good use and she will have a timer added next week.  Just to keep the frost at bay although the boat fared very well lkast year, just a popped tap because I forgot to drain the water.  I do hope our live aboard friends have an easier winter than last.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Getting ready for winter? nah

Too early to be ready fur winter yet.  Am on the boat saturday to do some odds n ends.  Mainly touching up paintwork if the weather will permit.  I am going out on the 14th but it will be a left turn as Shadehouse will be closed.  I will have some virgin boaters with so that should be fun.  Probably pop towards Rugeley for Lunch and back again, lets hope the rain (dare not say the ice word!) keeps at bay.

The service should be completed in the next few days, another job done.  After the day out with friends I shall part winterise, not much to this for me, mainly draining the water system and reducing whats in the calorifier to allow for expansion.  Having said that, we often spend the weekend onboard and just stay where we are so we will de-winterise as needed.

What I did want to mention was the success of our enzyme based toilet stuff.  Its working a treat, no smells at all which would not be the case if we still used Blue.  lets hope them little enzymes break down all them larger objects!

And on that note! byee