Sunday, 25 September 2011

Much needed boaty weekend

 Needed a break so of to the boat we went last Friday.  We were going to pop up to Rugeley and stay overnight when we realised that the King's Bromley Hog roast was on on Saturday night.  We decided to see what it was like.  So Saturday morning we did a thorough pump out and many thanks to the lady who did most of it for us, a real help.  It is also so much easier when it is not a timed machine.  We managed to give it a damn good clean and then, instead of Blue we inserted a green enzyme product - lets see how well it works.  A real pain is I do not know where the breather pipe is for the poo tank, wish I did - another job to add to the list when we refurbish the bathroom. 

Instead of staying over we popped up to Rugeley for a short stop.  Not a bad town but a bit here and there type of place.  Having said that it had all we needed.  We then then went on to Brindley Aqueduct just past Rugeley, winded and headed back to the Marina.  Whilst winding and i mean whilst, a boat had the temerity to pass us in mid wind.  Said boat was not showing her name but past through Rugeley to the Plum Tree pub and moored up, so what was gained by impatience was maybe three minutes. 

Now then, I was reliably informed by Missus that alcohol and soft drinks would be on sale - wrong!  So at 6.45 pm I had to drive to Morrison's and get some supplies.  It would be easy to say Morrison's had it all.  Morrison's does not keep some booze in fridges so the wine was all warm, no good for the now problem.  I then headed to the local mini store and they came up with the goods, if not a quid or so more expensive but that is understandable.  So back to the Marina with the goods and we enjoyed a wee drink and some pork sandwiches as well as a good old folk group.  No idea if we won anything in the prize draw, probably not is is our luck.

Apologies for the poor piccie but this was all I could manage for the Hog Roast, the folk group were very good.

Slight problem with our next door neighbour as they have a dog which is very frightened of other dogs, a product of poor or non-existent socialisation (the dog that is!).  He was very nice and even suggested moving to another berth (his boat that is).  We have agreed to help said dog socialise with our puppy rather than them moving.  A difficult job but we will help where we can. 

So different to Mercia, King's Bromley is packed with boats.  I think that this is an indication of popularity and location.  Being close to Great Haywood and the Coventry, cruising routes are relatively plentiful, suits us down to the ground I say.  Best of all, a good distance from Stensons Lock although I do hear BW are going to work on it as part of the winter stoppages.  Plenty of restaurants/ pubs with food on the cut too.  Not that we frequent them regularly but its nice to have the opportunity.

Next journey is probably weekend after next and will, in the main, be to stock up for our week away.  I would like to take her down to Fradley and moor there overnight.

A little about BW.  I as are many, worry about how they will perform when they make the transition to a charity given they seem about 40 million short of what they need.  Having had contact with them my opinion is that they need a complete organisational review, starting at the bottom and working to the top.  By doing it this way, the management structure will reflect the business instead of the other way around.  I hold no expectation that this will happen given the salaries of the senior managers, which in my opinion is deplorable and without foundation based on value provided.  And here was I thinking that David Camerabum had banned bonuses to public servants in the control of a government department.  How the Chief Executive can take such a bonus saddens me as I believe it is indicative of his management behaviour, all for one and one for one.

If one earns a bonus, I actually believe it should be paid, but the bar to earn one must be based on performance beyond the expected standard.  I have not witnessed this nor can I find any reasoning to justify the bonuses.

Any how back to the purpose of my diary blog (apols for the rant).  I need to review what we take to the boat as the boot of our estate is always packed, even for a weekend.  This is proven by the numerous trips I must make to take stuff out of the boat and back to the car.

So another  weekend on Hotel NB Lola.  We do need to do some jobs but none of them are urgent, mainly painting and making a dog gate in various parts of the boat.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Black Country Ring qnd the Calor Mat

Seems a possibility for half term.  Not sure yet as its quite a bit of effort for the crew in a week but its certainly do-able.  We will decide nearer the date as we do not want to be boating in rain, the girls just won't have it.

Back to the boat for a weekend jaunt to Rugeley next weekend, any decent watering holes appreciated, dog and child friendly or unfriendly appreciated (good excuse for me n the missus to go out on our own!)

Not found out about the calor gas floor mat thingy, will just have to wait until the next pullout brochure.

One fimal thing, I never did find that calor mat so have ordered the calor floor holder from Force 4 Chandlery

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A tidy up and more Cheshire ring photos etc

Popped up to the boat with the intention of painting the sides below the gunwhale but Sixpence was back so we could not put the boat on long morring ropes.  Instead, I painted the gas locker with hammerite and we tidied up the back cabin so we could stow the Genny.  In fact there is now enough room in the bow locker to stow it but we prefer the genny closer to us and in a more secure place.  I am going to by a 13 Kg Calor mat if i can find the accessory magazine I saw it in!  no boating this or next weekend so I have update the Cheshire ring page and have now completed it so far as Castlefield. not much more to do now.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Cheshire Ring updated to Oakgrove


I have updated the Cheshire Ring to Oakgrove, not far short of Macclesfield 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cheshire ring - timeline posted and a bit of work on the boat

Following an email I have now entered basic timings for the whole trip, check it our at the Cheshire ring Page

Went back to the boat yesterday to do some jobs.

First, I cleared out the bow locker (gas locker).  What a mess.  hanging upside down is a killer but it had to be done.  when all was empty I cleaned off the rust on the floor, it was in a very poor state.  Loads of rust came off and I then had to dry the locker using our electric fan heater.  After this I then painted the floor of the locker with Vactan.  Vactan is a chemical mix which recovers rusty areas and then allow you to paint using a suitable primer/all in one.  I was pleased I did this as I discovered two more kart tyres which I will convert to fenders to be used when against concrete etc, they work fab.  whilst the Vactan was drying I took the opportunity to fit plastic tubing over the bow fender chains.  This helps keep the paint from being scratched.  I also took the opportunity to test the 5ltr tin of Hammerite direct to rust black smooth paint, £55 from a decorating warehouse in Stapleford, Notts).  It was good value given how much 2.5ltrs costs from various places, about £35.

I painted behind the bow fender and a little beyond as a test area to see how well it takes.

The Vactan was still to wet to put the gas bottles back in so I decided to call it a day and go home, set to return Tuesday to complete the job.  Got home and guess what?  i had left my work mobile on the boat, bum I say.  So, with the missus, I went back to collect it and use the fan heater to dry off the locker and replace the gas bottles.  I just did not want to leave them in the boat.  I will hammerite the locker, in black, next week.  Please with the days work but tired and my right leg is still painful if I exercise too much - read the coming post on the Cheshire ring to find out what happened.

We also met our near neighbours on board NB Third Time Lucky and NB Sixpence, the latter was heading towards Rugeley for the night.

Will try to take some photos of the Vactan in the locker, very weird stuff. 
Just updated the cheshire ring Blog, new piccies and up to Great Haywood

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Cheshire Ring

I have created a separate page detailing the Cheshire Ring.  The page will be updated as time permits.

suffice to say we are now at home and exhausted but very pleased we did the ring.  It was a challenge and very enjoyable, except for the Rochdale 9!


Last leg of the holiday

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