Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ok, Westport Lake to Marple

Bit of a catch up.

Here we are at Marple.  How did we get here from Westport Lake?

Ok, Westport Lake to Harecastle.  We got waved straight in, how lucky was that!

Out of the northern end of Harecastle and we turned for the Maccie.

What a lovely canal.  We stopped at Oakgrove last night and had a meal in the pub over the road, food ok but over-priced, forgot my egg (part of a mixed grill) and over cooked the steak.  Considering it was £16 I expected better and so did the chef as he made my meal complementary, bill still came to £80 though.

Leaving Oakgrove at 8.30 am, we got to the hydraulic swing bridge, checked for traffic and started to drop the barriers.  Some loon of a granny sporting her blue rinse, drove past as the barriers were falling, what a complete numpty.  The barriers just missed the roof.

Past Macclesfield (about 10.36) we did wend our merry way to Bollington where we stopped for provisions and classic pie lunch at 11.30.  Two meat and tattie pies and two sausage rolls which turned out to be sausage pies.  The lady serving had to be 80 if she was a day so no problems.

Leaving Bollington at 12:15 we aimed to stop between Bridges 4 and 3 before Marple.  We could not as there is a ledge which prevents mooring.  We spotted a mooring just past a narrow bit by Bridge 2 but then found a far better mooring opposite the water point at Marple, excellent luck but no fish dinner tonight.

Photos to follow when I get the chance as the puter is in demand!

Wednesday its the Marple locks and then on to Hyde or further if time is on our side.