Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kings Bromley to Stone

Ok, so we have started another journey of discovery, Kings Bromley to Kings Bromley.......... via the Cheshire Ring.

We started on 19th August, mid afternoon and decided to use Pearsons Guide as a marking tool.

So, Kings Bromley departure 15:25 through Rugeley.  At 15:51 we are passing Armitage Shanks potty place, the toilet makers

Here they are all ready for their first flush.

At 16:05 we were passing the Restaurant "Plum Pudding" just after the wee narrows.

Apparently the Plum Pudding has a good reputation, one day we will find out if its deserved.

By 16.25 we were at  Bridge 62A Pearsons Timings for this page were perfect.

This made me laugh, what you find on the cut!

We stopped at Wolseley near Bridge 69 at about 18:30, later than we would normally but we wanted to make some distance. We have moored here before and it is fine, not too noisy given it is close to the railway line.

Saturday 20th, started at 08:20.  Photos to follow when connection is better.

Haywood Lock no 22 at 09:43, Mill Lock at 10:50

Lunch was had on the go.  We passed a boat which had to be cooking bacon earlier, so no surprises I requested a bacon sandwich.

We arrived at Stone at 15:05 mooring above lock 30.  had an intersting stoppage in the lock right opposite the Star inn Pub.  Felt like the Gate had failed.  I reckoned great result, right next to the pub.  Sadly, the missus discovered a huge length of lead piping (or so it seemed) had caught in the gate, rmeoving it and solving the problem, shame I say. 

Never mind we are now moored just above lock 30 near the rising sun pub, which I intend to find shortly!

Boat is behaving, I was surprised how few were on the move as we have only ever had one boat in front of us at locks so far, I do hope that is not famous last words.  I can also feel the sun on my face.

Genny is on for now, a bit cloudy here too - good result for the Geordies 1 nil win against the macams (Sunderland).