Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Cheshire Ring - done!

That's it, the Cheshire ring is complete, now back to Kings Bromley

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Lock 49

Who ordered this rain?

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Nice spot

Rode Heath , a lovely mooring spot. Very quiet with excellent walks, nearby pub and shop.

We bought to kart tyre fenders from NB Tranquility, they are excellent.

Off to Westport lake today, so through the Harecastle again.

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Monday, 29 August 2011

Heartbreak hill

Just passed m6

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Location:Lock 58 Trent and Mersey

Sunday, 28 August 2011

A quick catch up

Yesterday we moored up nr Preston Brook - bridge 208 and discovered a nice Italian restaurant called Marco Marco

When we left for our food I lost my footing a little and now have a very swollen knee cap

We are now moored in Middlewich following a visit from my brother Barry and his wife, nice to see him after so long.

Tomorrow it's 18 locks to Rode Heath

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Location:Booth Ln,Middlewich,United Kingdom

Friday, 26 August 2011

Staying in Manchester today

Staying here today so we can do jobs like blog update, extra sleep and my favourite job, filling the stern tube greaser! Oh and retail therapy in the rain for the girls

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Thursday, 25 August 2011


At last Castlefields. I shall blog more detail about the appalling locks through Manchester, Stensons is a doddle!

I shall also go into detail about my head meeting a low bridge and some unsolicited attempts to assist us

It was great briefly meeting Chance and we shall hopefully get more time to say hello tomorrow

27 locks in one day was too much for my girls, but stars they all were and through gritted teeth and determination, empty waterways, ignorant and insulting BW staff, dead body in the canal ( human one), etc and this is only week one!

Now this is an action holiday I never anticipated

More soon

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Un blocked

Just passed lock 16, what a palaver. 17-16 near empty, but moving now

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Down Lock 18

Only 26 more to go for Castlefields!

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Location:Westway,Ashton-under-Lyne,United Kingdom

Fairfield Junction

On way through our first lock on the Ashton

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A bit wet outside

Snug in Portland Basin, readying to hit the the Ashton and locks into Manchester. Rain seem to have let off a bit now, boy did it pee down during the night!

Did Marple yesterday, very difficult paddles I say. Could not find a decent mooring till nearly on the Ashton and was buying fenders from Portland when in our chat I was offered a night in the secure basin ere for a fiver. Bargain, took opportunity to diesel up, wished I had done the pump out too but we were facing wrong way and pump out access is flush with boat sides as we have narrow gunwhales. Still, we can prob sort it tomorrow, could always use the hand pump out kit, not!

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ok, Westport Lake to Marple

Bit of a catch up.

Here we are at Marple.  How did we get here from Westport Lake?

Ok, Westport Lake to Harecastle.  We got waved straight in, how lucky was that!

Out of the northern end of Harecastle and we turned for the Maccie.

What a lovely canal.  We stopped at Oakgrove last night and had a meal in the pub over the road, food ok but over-priced, forgot my egg (part of a mixed grill) and over cooked the steak.  Considering it was £16 I expected better and so did the chef as he made my meal complementary, bill still came to £80 though.

Leaving Oakgrove at 8.30 am, we got to the hydraulic swing bridge, checked for traffic and started to drop the barriers.  Some loon of a granny sporting her blue rinse, drove past as the barriers were falling, what a complete numpty.  The barriers just missed the roof.

Past Macclesfield (about 10.36) we did wend our merry way to Bollington where we stopped for provisions and classic pie lunch at 11.30.  Two meat and tattie pies and two sausage rolls which turned out to be sausage pies.  The lady serving had to be 80 if she was a day so no problems.

Leaving Bollington at 12:15 we aimed to stop between Bridges 4 and 3 before Marple.  We could not as there is a ledge which prevents mooring.  We spotted a mooring just past a narrow bit by Bridge 2 but then found a far better mooring opposite the water point at Marple, excellent luck but no fish dinner tonight.

Photos to follow when I get the chance as the puter is in demand!

Wednesday its the Marple locks and then on to Hyde or further if time is on our side. 

Quick iPhone update

Near Macclesfield, left Oakgrove near the electric swing bridge, opening bridge,barriers coming down some bozo drives over, nutter!

Bit dull but no rain, target is Marple.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Stone to Westport Lake

08:20 to 13:45 today.

Cleared Meaford Locks by 09:25, a lovely sunny day.  Dog was sick 3 times this morning, obviously ate something that did not agree.

Nice mooring stretch after bridge 96 if heading west.

We made Bridge 102 by 09:50, lovely journey and surprisingly few boats still.

Through Barlaston by 10:00.  We got to Trentham Locks with a bit of a queue and we also got "snapped" by an RSPCa guy who was taking photos for charity (£1 a set of 4 pictures), emailing them to a given email address, why not?

Wedgwood in the distance

Interesting piccie of ducks at Bridge 105, there were dozens of them,  clearly a popular feeding place.

Reached the Incinerator welcoming you to Stoke at 11:38.

So, into Stoke.  Last time we were here a bottle was thrown from the road above and landed on the boat.  Also, the first Stoke lock, filled incredibly slowly because a paddle was out of action.  No ground paddles here so things slow down a tad - not that I am complaining.  The climb to the Caldon was enjoyable but we decided to remain on course for Harecastle.

Some photos next as we pass through Stoke to where we are now, Westport Lake, just shy of the Harecastle which we shall do tomorrow, open from 8am to 6pm as it is summer opening.

Twins forever!

I have failed to advise on how difficult it is to live with 4 girls on a narrowboat.

There is Kath, wife and long suffering occassional boat skipper

Then there is Johanna and Lola the dog - inseperable so it seems, photo to follow.

Then there is Sarah, the youngest.

Hard life being the only man aboard, matey Angus not about to procrastinate about all things!

More later

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kings Bromley to Stone

Ok, so we have started another journey of discovery, Kings Bromley to Kings Bromley.......... via the Cheshire Ring.

We started on 19th August, mid afternoon and decided to use Pearsons Guide as a marking tool.

So, Kings Bromley departure 15:25 through Rugeley.  At 15:51 we are passing Armitage Shanks potty place, the toilet makers

Here they are all ready for their first flush.

At 16:05 we were passing the Restaurant "Plum Pudding" just after the wee narrows.

Apparently the Plum Pudding has a good reputation, one day we will find out if its deserved.

By 16.25 we were at  Bridge 62A Pearsons Timings for this page were perfect.

This made me laugh, what you find on the cut!

We stopped at Wolseley near Bridge 69 at about 18:30, later than we would normally but we wanted to make some distance. We have moored here before and it is fine, not too noisy given it is close to the railway line.

Saturday 20th, started at 08:20.  Photos to follow when connection is better.

Haywood Lock no 22 at 09:43, Mill Lock at 10:50

Lunch was had on the go.  We passed a boat which had to be cooking bacon earlier, so no surprises I requested a bacon sandwich.

We arrived at Stone at 15:05 mooring above lock 30.  had an intersting stoppage in the lock right opposite the Star inn Pub.  Felt like the Gate had failed.  I reckoned great result, right next to the pub.  Sadly, the missus discovered a huge length of lead piping (or so it seemed) had caught in the gate, rmeoving it and solving the problem, shame I say. 

Never mind we are now moored just above lock 30 near the rising sun pub, which I intend to find shortly!

Boat is behaving, I was surprised how few were on the move as we have only ever had one boat in front of us at locks so far, I do hope that is not famous last words.  I can also feel the sun on my face.

Genny is on for now, a bit cloudy here too - good result for the Geordies 1 nil win against the macams (Sunderland).

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lola - the boat- new home

So we move Lola but alas I did not take any pictures. So, here's a few of the new home

Nice Mooring, quiet as we like it.  Already met the skipper of Blossom Too, very nice chap too.

got the Three mobile sorted at last.  What a palaver.  Orange not wanting to let go and Three not able to transfer the number so I did it myself.  But I now have an iPhone with tethering at half the price offered by orange - I wonder how long the deal will last.

So I have my GPS dongle, my laptop, waterexplorer.com, my Pearson's, Nicholson's, and canal planner, lets hope we do not suffer from stoppages for too long - acceding that they will happen.

Next post will be on the go lets hope we don't hit too many early delays, hence the early planned starts.  Lola - the dog, I am sure will help us get up early am.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Bits n bobs

Ok, first of all.  why is it when i try to log in using IE9 I end up always being logged out when i am viewing my blog.  every time I try to log in and remain at the blog I get moved to blogger.  I am now using firefox because it does not leave me in this perpetual struggle.

We have been watching Tom and Jan going through their trial and tribulations on NB Waiouru.  It is amazing what people will do, I am shocked and feel a little guilty if this is the kind of welcome those who want to enjoy our waterways recieve.  I am confident that these boat builders days in the boat business are over.  The amount of publicity, both in Waterways World and Canal Boat as well as postings in CWDF and others blogs will result in even the most cursory search revealing these peoples history.

I am desparate to get on holiday ASAP and even tried to bring my holiday forward to no avail, too many meetings already booked.  Best I can do is leave early on my last day before holidays.

I have checked the ability to get to Guide Bridge wihtin six days, from King's Bromley and it appears we should make it easily.  Famous last words.

I am trying to get my handset unlocked by orange, what a faff.  I want to use Three and their excellent price plan with tethering  but Orange are conspiring to slow me down

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Preparation for the cheshire ring

So, up t the boat today, We had Lola with her safety harness on. She cried a bit on the way out but seemed fine on the way back.  At least she was not sick.  She was very interested in the boat, mainly about how to get out but she seemed quite chilled out.  Met a near neighbour, Ron on NB Blossom Too.  nice chap indeed.

The boat is watered and ready to go, probably need to fill her empty fuel tank after the first few days, we shall see what the prices look like.  Not to keen on seeing all this stuff about the EU objecting to our Red diesel split.

We will probably do some varnishing on the way out to keep the window frames up to scratch and I might re paint Lola's name on the starboard side.

I really could have slept over but Lola has not had her second injections yet - next Wednesday and then a week is needed for it to take so our first opportunity to sleep over will be the holiday.  Out of interest I checked prices for narrow boat hire.  £1,400 for a week! with some.  Amazing prices and makes me feel very comfortable with our decision to buy.

We have also been ebaying - as sellers, already sold £200 worth of loft detritus.

I am keen to understand and mention in my blog how we get on through Manchester so I will make a special effort to blog and photo the experience.

Monday, 1 August 2011

The IWA as we were passing through

As promised, the IWA and at the end a few shots of our new lounge.

Horninglow Basin, what no buttons?

The start, heading west, just after horninglow

here we go, plenty of room eh?

Angus up front, saying its gerrin a tad narrow, just as well its a narrow boat then!

very narrow, yes we got through that

The bin men and women, calling bring out your dead!

the end, about 200 metres past shobnall winding hole

The new lounge, working out the settings